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This repository provides ROS support for KHI robots.
ROS distribution Kinetic is supported.

How to Launch

1. Launch Control Node

Start khi_robot_control as:

roslaunch khi_robot_bringup ***_bringup.launch ip:=***

If you only want to view robot(not control), specify the argument 'viewer' to use viewer mode:

roslaunch khi_robot_bringup ***_bringup.launch ip:=*** viewer:=true

If you have no real robot, specify the argument 'simulation' to use loopback mode:

roslaunch khi_robot_bringup ***_bringup.launch simulation:=true

If you want to use gazebo simulation:

roslaunch ***_gazebo ***_world.launch

2. Launch MoveIt! Node

Start a MoveIt! script as:

roslaunch ***_moveit_config moveit_planning_execution.launch

Now you can see the rviz screen of MoveIt! and interact the robot with the GUI.

Connecting Real Robot

Refer to docs/

Supported Robot

  • duaro (currently simulation only)
  • rs007l
  • rs007n
  • rs80n


About this software

This software is experimental code. There are known issues and missing functionality.
The APIs are completely unstable and likely to change. Use in production systems is not recommended.


KHI coordinate and ROS cordinate are different.

Origin of KHI coordinate is Robot Link1 origin.

Origin of ROS coordinate is World origin.

About CAD data

***_ description are using STL files based on CAD Data of the KHI website.
Therefore KHI CAD Data Disclaimer is also applied to these files.