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Version 1.0.1
License Apache License 2.0
Build type AMENT_CMAKE

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Checkout URI https://github.com/ros2/rmw_implementation.git
VCS Type git
VCS Version foxy
Last Updated 2020-11-26
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Package Description

Test suite for ROS middleware API.

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  • Michel Hidalgo


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Changelog for package test_rmw_implementation

1.0.1 (2020-10-21)

  • Fixed rmw_create_node arguments
  • Add fault injection tests to construction/destroy APIs. (#144)
  • Fixed function rmw_create_node in tests
  • Add tests bad type_support implementation (#152)
  • Add tests for localhost-only node creation (#150)
  • Use 10x the intraprocess delay to wait for sent requests. (#148)
  • Added rmw_wait, rmw_create_wait_set, and rmw_destroy_wait_set tests (#139)
  • Added rmw_service_server_is_available tests (#140)
  • Add tests service/client request/response with bad arguments (#141)
  • Fixed function rmw_create_node in tests
  • Added rmw_wait, rmw_create_wait_set, and rmw_destroy_wait_set tests (#139)
  • Added test for rmw_get_serialized_message_size (#142)
  • Add service/client construction/destruction API test coverage. (#138)
  • Added rmw_publisher_allocation and rmw_subscription_allocation related tests (#137)
  • Add tests take serialized with info bad arguments (#130)
  • Add gid API test coverage. (#134)
  • Add tests take bad arguments (#125)
  • Bump graph API test coverage. (#132)
  • Add tests take sequence serialized with bad arguments (#129)
  • Add tests take sequence + take sequence with bad arguments (#128)
  • Add tests take with info bad arguments (#126)
  • Add tests for non-implemented rmw_take_* functions (#131)
  • Add tests publish serialized bad arguments (#124)
  • Add tests publish bad arguments (#123)
  • Add tests non-implemented functions + loan bad arguments (#122)
  • Add missing empty topic name tests. (#136)
  • Add rmw_get_serialization_format() smoke test. (#133)
  • Complete publisher/subscription QoS query API test coverage. (#120)
  • Remove duplicate assertions (#121)
  • Add publisher/subscription matched count API test coverage. (#119)
  • Fixed rmw_create_node
  • Add serialize/deserialize API test coverage. (#118)
  • Add subscription API test coverage. (#117)
  • Extend publisher API test coverage (#115)
  • Add node construction/destruction API test coverage. (#112)
  • Check that rmw_init() fails if no enclave is given. (#113)
  • Add init options API test coverage. (#108)
  • Complete init/shutdown API test coverage. (#107)
  • Add dependency on ament_cmake_gtest (#109)
  • Add test_rmw_implementation package. (#106)
  • Contributors: Alejandro Hern

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