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Pyros messages and services definition

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ROS Package enabling ROS communication for other Pyros multiprocess systems.



  • optional field as a ROS array
  • optional field as a specific message type (Work In Progress)

Changelog for package pyros_msgs

0.1.1 (2017-05-16)

  • Merge pull request #16 from yotabits/nested_implement Added test for time in opt_as_nested
  • now nesting using type checker method instead of duplicating it.
  • Added test for time in opt_as_nested The actual test seems to be failing because the type checker seems to be waiting for int32 datatype instead of uint32
  • Merge pull request #10 from yotabits/nested_implement Adding tests in opt_as_nested
  • Added test for duration in opt_as_nested
  • Added test for std_empty in opt_as_nested
  • Added test for string in opt_as_nested This include also a small bug fix in the typechecker, now object of type any can \"contain\" objects of type any aswell
  • stand alone working
  • Fixed test_opt_duration in opt_as_array Actually Ros does not allow to have negative nano-seconds: 1s, -100 000 000ns will be transformed into 900 000 ns in the case we test with limit values this could create issues so the testing limit values have been changed
  • Merge pull request #3 from asmodehn/nested_implement Nested implement
  • testing...
  • testing...
  • testing...
  • Added test for uint64 in opt_as_nested
  • Added test for uint32 in opt_as_nested
  • Added test for uint16 in opt_as_nested
  • Added test for uint8 in opt_as_nested
  • Adapted all int type size tests
  • fixing yaml dependency name
  • adding quantified code badge
  • adding yaml as dependency since our genpy source code relies on it.
  • cleaning up doc and comments
  • Merge pull request #2 from asmodehn/nested_implement Nested implement
  • Added test for int64 in opt_as_nested
  • Merge pull request #9 from asmodehn/fixing_catkin_tests Fixing catkin tests
  • fixing array test to use new msg_generate
  • Added test for int32 in opt_as_nested
  • Added test for int16 in opt_as_nested
  • Merge branch \'nested_implement\' of into fixing_catkin_tests
  • fixing import_msgsrv to handle namespace packages properly. recovered accidently lost comment for namespace package in __init_.
  • Small fix on test_opt_int8 in opt_as_nested
  • fixing usage of generator
  • fixing generator tests
  • Added test for int8 in opt_as_nested
  • refactored how we do generation to privilege the common usecase. now generating message into a temporary directory. fixed all tests for basic pytest.
  • Merge pull request #8 from yotabits/nested_implement Nested implement
  • Added test for uint64 in opt_as_array
  • Added test for uint32 in opt_as_array
  • fixing a bunch of tests for catkin. WIP before rosmsg_generator refactor.
  • Added test for uint16 in opt_as_array
  • Added test for uint8 in opt_as_array
  • Added test for int16 and int 32 Added test for int16 and int32 for opt_as_array
  • fixing pyros_msgs.msg path in nested test
  • WIP. attempting to generate all messages at once so that starting tests in same or different interpreter doesnt matter anymore
  • fixing hardcoded path of generator for test.
  • Merge pull request #1 from asmodehn/nested_implement Nested implement
  • adding importer tests into tox
  • fixing path for package message adding test for using rosmsg_generator module directly fixing tests
  • tox fixes...
  • improving code to make it more ROS independent.
  • improved message generation and tests
  • moving ros_genmsg_py and improving API
  • fixed all tests but still a problem remain : reloading package of newly generated module...
  • fixing all tests for opt_as_array with runtime message generation
  • fix to handle rosmsg_py dependency path search during generation.
  • adapted set_opt_bool to dynamically generate and import message class for tests.
  • some fixes still WIP
  • making test work for jade. But we still depend on pure ROS package pyros_utils.
  • adding pyros-setup as dependency, plus a few comments
  • found a method usable by tox to generate ros messages. needs refining...
  • adding custom command to generate message modules.
  • fixing test assert that could break on set repr with different order
  • modifying travis script to run pytest directly on install directory.
  • adding python-pytest dependency
  • fixing travis checks
  • more common -> typecheck renaming
  • fixing with proper name
  • renamed subpackage common to typecheck. fixed tests.
  • adding tests and dependency on hypothesis
  • adding dependency on hypothesis. now patching messages inside opt_as_array package
  • finalizing optional fields as nested implementation
  • fixing basic common tests to work with xenial version of hypothesis.
  • fixing imports for test runs. other small fixes.
  • refining tests
  • reorganized tests.
  • Merge pull request #5 from asmodehn/hypothesis Hypothesis
  • adding catkin_pip as dependency
  • small improvements. all array tests running...
  • fixing array tests
  • now seems to work fine with catkin_pip
  • fixing opt_as_array tests
  • now able to generate type checker from rosmsg type
  • improved type checker tests
  • more typechecker hypothesis tests
  • improved typechecker, not relying on ROS types for it anymore.
  • experimenting with hypothesis for proper testing
  • opt_as_nested seems to work fine now. more tests required...
  • all opt_as_array tests passing
  • better type checking by introducing typeschemas
  • start of refactor to allow multiple implementations for optional fields... added lots of doctests.
  • adding travis badge
  • updating Readme to reflect opt_as_nested as WIP
  • now travis uses shadow-fixed repository
  • adding pyros_utils as dependency
  • adding python-six as system dependency
  • Merge pull request #1 from asmodehn/http optional fields implemented as array
  • Merge branch \'http\' of into http
  • cleaning up wrong init file
  • Merge branch \'master\' into http
  • adding README
  • adding _opt_slots field to the punched message type. other changes to get all httpbin tests to pass.
  • slightly different way to initializa when doing opt_as_array
  • attempting travis fix. comments.
  • resurrecting optional message fields, since it is necessary to make explicit the intent of having an optional field in a message.
  • added readme for dropping repo.
  • WIP. commit before changing internal dict representation of optional messages
  • extending path if needed to get ros generated messages. useful when running from here (nose has his own import behavior).
  • adding http status code message
  • base optional message types and test template
  • cleanup bad __init_ file. added ignore for *.pyc and build/
  • small refactoring. fixed all tests.
  • adding dependency on marshmallow
  • adding roslint as build depend
  • standard message types implemented with doc test. added travis files.
  • Started implementing standard ROS message -> dict serialization
  • Initial commit
  • Contributors: AlexV, Thomas, alexv, yotabits

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