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Version 3.1.5
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  • Kei Okada
  • Isao Isaac Saito


  • AIST
  • General Robotix Inc.
  • Nakamura Lab of Dept. of Mechano Informatics at University of Tokyo

openhrp3 Build Status

This package does not only wrap OpenHRP3 but actually provides the built artifact from the code from its mainstream repository. Being ROS-agnostic by itself, you can also use this via ROS together with the packages in rtmros_common that bridge between two framework.

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Changelog for package openhrp3

3.1.5-6 (2014-04-15)

  • remove installed file if openhrp3_FOUND is not found
  • Give installed libraries execute permissions All shared object libraries should have execute permissions. Using install will default the permissions to be like a normal file, which typically doesn\'t have execute permissions.
  • Fix python syntax errors You cannot define a function called exec. This patch renames it to Exec.
  • Handle non-existent lsb-release file This file is not present on Fedora systems.
  • add test for samplerobot walking pattern data file
  • add test code to check hrpsys-base
  • add test code to check if file exists
  • add start starts omniNames for test code, use port 2809 for test
  • add test sample1.wrl location
  • Add rostest for rosbuid, also improve .travis.yml to check rosbulid/deb environment
  • (Makefile.openhrp3) touch patched_no_makefile to avoid compile twice
  • add PKG_CONFIG_PATH for rosbuild environment
  • (.travis.yml) add rosbuild/deb test
  • (#32) add roslang for manifest.xml and package.xml
  • (#24) add rosbuild, see
  • check rosdep until it succeeded
  • Fix cblas on Linux.
  • Fix Boost linker error (remove -mt suffix).
  • add link to issues for each patchs
  • update travis to check rosbuild/catkin, use_deb/use_source
  • Contributors: Benjamin Chr

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