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Package for sanitizing lanelet maps

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  • Fabian Poggenhans


  • Fabian Poggenhans

Lanelet2 Validation

Validation package for lanelet2. Runs checks on common mapping errors and reports them.


Building this package will create the program lanelet2_validate. To test a map, simply run lanelet2_validate <mymap>, or better lanelet2_validate <mymap> --lat <lat> --lon <lon>, where lat/lon is the origin of your map. The tool will output errors and warnings that were found in your map.

For advanced usage, try lanelet2_validate --help.

Adding Your Own Validators

Before implementing your check, choose a suitable validator. There are three different types of validators: * Map validators validate the primitives in the map and search for obvious mapping issues (tags, positioning, etc.) * Traffic rule validators look for primitives that cannot be interpreted with the traffic rules chose by the user * Routing graph validators check for issues in the routing graph, such as isolated nodes.

Validators should check for one single thing only. Better implement too much validators than too few.

To implement a validator, inherit from one of the base classes BasicValidator.cpp, and implement its operator() and the name() function. The name should be in the format ".". Then in a *.cpp file, register your validator with one of the registry functions like this:

namespace {
// or RegisterTrafficRuleValidator or RegisterRoutingGraphValidator...
validation::RegisterMapValidator<MyCheckClass> register;
} // namespace


Changelog for package lanelet2_validation

1.0.1 (2020-03-24)

  • Make sure lanelet2 buildtool_export_depends on mrt_cmake_modules
  • Add geometry function to compute curvature from three points Add tests, cleanup the validator that uses it
  • Add changelogs
  • Format files
  • Contributors: Fabian Poggenhans

1.0.0 (2020-03-03)

  • Bump version to 1.0
  • Update cmakelists files
  • Fix headers missing their include guards
  • Bump version to 0.9
  • Merge branch \'master\' into reverse_routing
  • Merge branch \'validate_repeated_points\' into \'master\' Validate repeated points See merge request MRT/released/lanelet2!142
  • Add a new IssueReport object returned by lanelet2_validation
  • Implement new check in lanelet2_validation for repeated points
  • code clean, fix one big curvature point in mapping_example.osm
  • add curvature validator and unit test
  • Improved readmes and corrected typos
  • Documented ele tag for points, add it to validation
  • Re-add support for hardcoding sign type or speed limit in regulatory elements
  • Add new validators to sanitize tagging of a lanelet map, add unittests
  • Add lanelet2 validation
  • Contributors: Fabian Poggenhans, Lingguang Wang, Maximilian Naumann

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