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Lanelet2 core module

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  • Fabian Poggenhans


  • Fabian Poggenhans

Lanelet2 Core

For an overview on the Lanelet2 architecture, see here

This package contains the core library of Lanelet2: - The basic primitives, including LaneletMap - Geometry functions

For usage examples, please refer to the lanelet2_examples package.


Debugging Lanelet objects can be annoying, because they are very deeply nested. To improve this, Lanelet2 offers helpers for GDB and QtCreator. Have a look here.


Changelog for package lanelet2_core

1.0.1 (2020-03-24)

  • Fix build failure if size_t is not unsigned long
  • Fix build with boost 1.62
  • Make sure lanelet2 buildtool_export_depends on mrt_cmake_modules
  • Add geometry function to compute curvature from three points Add tests, cleanup the validator that uses it
  • Add changelogs
  • Format files
  • Fix clang-tidy warnings
  • Contributors: Fabian Poggenhans

1.0.0 (2020-03-03)

  • Bump version to 1.0
  • Add unittest for findWithin and areas
  • Apply clang-tidy fixes
  • Add geometry functions convexPartition and triangulate These handle splitting polygons into convex polygons (or into triangles)
  • Improve documentation about Regulatory Elements
  • Fix headers missing their include guards
  • Fix CompoundLineString2d::rightBound2d()
  • Add missing const in Area.h regulatoryElementsAs method
  • Add a new class \'LaneletSubmap\' that only contains parts of the map and is faster to construct
  • Refactored the internal representation of the route. Cleaned up headers that are only supposed to be used internally
  • Make sure HybridLineString returns const references instead of copies
  • Fix comparison operators for laneletOrArea and LineStringOrPolygon
  • Fix constness of search function in lanelet map
  • Add a new geometry function that shifts line strings laterally
  • Add US traffic signs to JOSM stylesheet and docu
  • Add an AllWayStop regulatory element, tests and docs
  • Initial commit
  • Contributors: Fabian Poggenhans, Florian Kuhnt, Johannes Janosovits, Maximilian Naumann, Piotr Orzechowski

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