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Version 0.0.3
License GPLv3
Build type CATKIN

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Checkout URI https://github.com/Hacks4ROS/h4r_thermapp_camera.git
VCS Type git
VCS Version develop
Last Updated 2015-05-30
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Package Description

The thermapp_camera package provides a library and a node for the Opgal® ThermApp® Android Thermal Camera

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  • Christian Holl


  • Christian Holl
  • Alexander G


The thermapp_camera package provides a library and a node for the Opgal® ThermApp® Android Thermal Camera

Copy the file udev/99-opgal.rules to /etc/udev/rules.d to allow users access to the camera.

For it to work, udev has to be restarted by

service udev restart

and the camera must be removed from USB and attached again, if it was already plugged.


Changelog for package h4r_thermapp_camera

0.0.3 (2015-05-30)

  • add source code of ThermAppCam
  • remove submodule
  • Contributors: Christian Holl

0.0.2 (2015-05-28)

  • fix exec to run depend
  • add missing system dependencies to package.xml
  • Contributors: Christian Holl

0.0.1 (2015-05-17)

  • fix License information
  • add install to CMakeLists
  • update ReadMe with install information
  • add udev file
  • change thermapp.launch
  • Merge branch \'develop\'
  • fix submodule for ThermAppCam project
  • Initial commit
  • add author tag
  • fix dynamic reconfigure
  • change #define for header file
  • change package name to h4r add default values to dynamic_reconfigure tidy up package.xml
  • integrate reading camera
  • rename namespace, add first functions make it compile with ThermAppCam files
  • delete old thermapp code
  • delete class for own code
  • add new thermapp code to library and to node in CMakeLists
  • create include for catkin for not breaking up with origin of the thermapp code
  • update ThermAppCam
  • add ThermAppCam from PidBip (Alexander G)
  • last of my own tries to get protocol working
  • removed prints
  • stable image but slow
  • fix filename of perspective in launchfile
  • reformat launchfile code
  • add current code to main node to have easier testing
  • add current code to bulk class
  • create rqt perspective with image view and launchfile
  • add Code from test application
  • add function for opening usb device add function for closing add function for requesting image (unfinished)
  • add libusb to CMakeLists
  • add class for usb bulk transfer
  • add thermapp_camera_node -add boost thread bind -add dynamic reconfigure -add CameraPublisher -add cv bridge
  • Add maintainer and description to package.xml
  • initial commit, create ros package
  • initial commit, create ros package
  • Contributors: Christian Holl

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