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Controllers for Dingo

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  • Tony Baltovski


  • Tony Baltovski
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Changelog for package dingo_control

0.1.1 (2020-09-14)

  • Improve joy device configurability (#4)
    • Remove the joy device from the yaml file, but keep it as the default in the launch file. Add support for a DINGO_JOY_DEV environment variable to override the default joy device.
    • Add the ASCII art diagram of the controller from Husky to make it easier to interpret the button mappings, should anyone want to remap them.
    • Expose the yaml file as an additional argument to the teleop launch file, allow overriding it with DINGO_JOY_CONFIG
  • [dingo_control] Added limits for y motion omni platform.
  • [dingo_control] Updated max velocity and acceleration limits.
  • [dingo_control] Updated robot_localization config.
  • [dingo_control] Moved control extras to botton of launch file.
  • Contributors: Chris I-B, Tony Baltovski

0.1.0 (2020-08-10)

  • Fix the controller parameters for omni control; behaviour is now the same as ridgeback
  • Unified Dingo folders/files as much as possible, updated meshes, bumped CMake version and made roslaunch a test depend.
  • Added dingo_control; split dingo_description into separate Dingo-D and Dingo-O flavours; still much work to be done here, but preparing hand-off for Tony
  • Contributors: Chris Iverach-Brereton, Jason Higgins, Tony Baltovski

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Launch files

  • launch/control.launch
  • launch/teleop.launch
      • joystick [default: true]
      • joy_dev [default: $(optenv DINGO_JOY_DEV /dev/input/ps4)]
      • joy_config [default: $(eval optenv('DINGO_JOY_CONFIG', find('dingo_control') + '/config/teleop_omni.yaml' if int(optenv('DINGO_OMNI', 0)) else find('dingo_control') + '/config/teleop_diff.yaml'))]


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