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Version 0.5.1
License BSD
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Last Updated 2014-09-10
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Package Description

MoveIt config files for all cob and raw

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  • Mathias Luedtke


  • Mathias Luedtke
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Changelog for package cob_moveit_config

0.5.1 (2014-03-21)

  • fix launch files
  • backup from cob3-3
  • use sensor info with moveit
  • next try
  • next try
  • fix dependencies
  • update package.xml
  • catkinize cob_kinematics + use kdl instead of lookat-IK + update moveit_configs
  • fix parameter namespace
  • started catkinizing
  • update moveit_config
  • update cob_moveit_configs for all cobs
  • lookat_ik_plugin
  • updated moveit_config for lookat
  • update moveit_config
  • back to pick_config
  • merge with fmw-ja
  • Merge branch \'groovy_dev\' of into combine
  • started to merge pick-n-place with lookat
  • commit before getting nasty
  • backup
  • merge
  • different robot_description for moveit
  • fixed namespaces for some parameters
  • integration of openrave
  • test sensor input for planning_scene
  • merge
  • introducing cob_moveit_interface, making cob_object_handler obsolete
  • new moveit config with base_placement and lookat group
  • JSF: Added collision object action to add/remove from remote code
  • able to plan for group base again - needs moveit_ros 0.4.4 - still missing controller for execution
  • adding launchfile parameter for debugging
  • using IKFast plugin - fixing pick() with grasp_list
  • added controller for sdh to moveit_config
  • updated launch files
  • add endeffector for lookat to get interactive marker
  • modified moveit_config for cob3-3 to include lookat component
  • fixed controller setttings
  • loaf rviz config in demo
  • moved rviz launch file
  • added rviz config
  • moveit config for cob3-6 updated
  • moveit config for cob3-3 updated
  • updated srdf
  • updated srdf after upper/lower arm fixup
  • updated srdf
  • updated SRDF
  • switched to IKfast
  • rviz demo with debug flag
  • updated raw3-1 config
  • updated groups
  • updated to latest URDF changes
  • fixed controller naming
  • fixed controller_manager parameters
  • added namespace for controller parameters
  • new config for raw3-1 using universal_robot ur_description
  • added initial version of plan/execute launch file
  • updated launch files according to template
  • added missing arg
  • updated raw3-1 config
  • added controller settings
  • added first versions of generic launch files
  • added projection evaluators
  • switched back to kdl solver for raw3-1
  • setup assistant launch file
  • added cob_moveit_config
  • Contributors: Jan Fischer, Jannik Abbenseth, Mathias L

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Launch files

  • launch/demo.launch
      • robot [default: $(env ROBOT)]
      • with_db [default: false]
      • debug [default: false]
  • launch/warehouse.launch
      • moveit_warehouse_database_path
  • launch/move_group.launch
      • robot [default: $(env ROBOT)]
      • config_path [default: $(find cob_moveit_config)/$(arg robot)/config]
      • pipeline [default: ompl]
      • debug [default: false]
      • info [default: $(arg debug)]
      • allow_trajectory_execution [default: true]
      • max_safe_path_cost [default: 1]
      • jiggle_fraction [default: 0.05]
      • publish_monitored_planning_scene [default: true]
  • launch/move_group_rviz.launch
      • robot [default: $(env ROBOT)]
      • debug [default: false]
  • launch/rviz.launch
      • robot [default: $(env ROBOT)]
      • config_path [default: $(find cob_moveit_config)/$(arg robot)/config]
      • debug [default: false]
      • config [default: false]
  • launch/setup_assistant.launch
    • Re-launch the MoveIt Setup Assistant with this configuration package already loaded
      • debug [default: false]
      • robot [default: $(env ROBOT)]
  • launch/planning_pipeline.xml
      • robot [default: $(env ROBOT)]
      • pipeline [default: ompl]
  • launch/warehouse_settings.xml
      • moveit_warehouse_port [default: 33829]
      • moveit_warehouse_host [default: localhost]
  • launch/planning_context.xml
      • load_robot_description [default: false]
      • robot [default: $(env ROBOT)]
      • config_path [default: $(find cob_moveit_config)/$(arg robot)/config]
  • launch/ompl_planning_pipeline.xml
      • robot [default: $(env ROBOT)]
      • config_path [default: $(find cob_moveit_config)/$(arg robot)/config]


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