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Bring up nav2 package with Andino.

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  • Olmer Garcia
  • Franco Cipollone


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Andino Navigation

We rely on Nav2 stack in order to navigate Andino.


Real Robot


  1. Andino robot needs to be up and running:
  ros2 launch andino_bringup

  1. We need a previously recorded map in order to navigate on. Refer to andino_slam to learn how to record a map with Andino.

Run nav stack

ros2 launch andino_navigation map:=<path-to-my-map-yaml-file>

By default, config file is used. For using a custom param file use:

ros2 launch andino_navigation map:=<path-to-my-map-yaml-file> params_file:=<path-to-my-param-file>


A launch file for running the andino_gz_classic simulation and the nav2 stack is provided. It uses the turtlebot3_world world (Apache 2 license) by default.

 ros2 launch andino_navigation

To test the navigation inside rviz:

  • click in 2D pose estimate button and select the initial pose of the robot
  • click in nav2 Goal button and select the final point.
  • the robot will start to move to the selected goal.

You test adding obstacles inside the Gazebo simulation or use the rviz button Waypoint/ nav through Poses mode to select sequential targets.

This package has been tested with the Andino robot with diff drive plugin in gazebo. If you change the world you should change the map but also it is recommended to tune navigation parameters.


Changelog for package andino_navigation

0.1.0 (2023-10-09)

  • Renames andino_gazebo package to andino_gz_classic. (#153)
  • Updates logo and minor doc changes (#130)
  • nav2 gazebo example (#109)
  • Contributors: Franco Cipollone, Olmer Garcia-Bedoya

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