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Contains launch files and runtime scripts necessary for running segbots in simulation and in the real world.

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  • Piyush Khandelwal
  • Jack O'Quin


  • Piyush Khandelwal
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Changelog for package segbot_bringup

0.3.5 (2016-08-27)

  • Added xtion and led strip to segbot_v3 launch file in segbot_bringup (#75)
  • Contributors: Rolando Fernandez

0.3.4 (2016-08-08)

  • roslaunch check updates
  • add missing xacro dependency
  • comment out roslaunch checks for references to unreleased Segway packages (#70)
  • remove dependencies on unreleased Segway packages (#70)
  • unit test fixes (#65)
  • added additional flexability to the battery_diagnostics sendmail node that will now allow parameters to be set in the launch file to reflect local segbot differences (different threshold levels, etc). Appropriate values have been added for the segbot_v3 in its launchfile. The segbot_v3 controller now republishes battery information onto the topic assumed by the battery diagnostics.
  • segbot_v3: add robot monitor for diagnostics information onto the topic assumed by the battery diagnostics.
  • updated for hokuyo on segbot v3
  • fixed some problems in the velodyne processing chain
  • added segbot v3 support
  • Contributors: Jack O\'Quin, Piyush Khandelwal, maxsvetlik

0.3.3 (2015-08-05)

  • segbot_bringup: launch stop controller with segway base (#41)
  • segbot_bringup: pass correct port to Arduino driver
  • fixed launch command for arduino and diagnostics. closes #36.
  • segbot_bringup: convert to package format two (#35)
  • segbot_bringup: add diagnostics and arduino to segbot_v2 launch (#35)
  • segbot_bringup: minor launch file cleanup and formatting
  • Contributors: Jack O\'Quin, Piyush Khandelwal

0.3.2 (2015-03-31)

0.3.1 (2015-03-24)

  • removed redundant segbot v1 models.
  • updated segbot v2 model to use correct URDF.
  • Contributors: Piyush Khandelwal

0.3.0 (2015-03-14)

  • fixed default depth_registered flag to allow kinect to work properly.
  • use different filters for segbot v1 and segbot v2 due to differences between different laser models.
  • added launch file for segbot v2.
  • fixed some issues with frame ids for multi robot setup.
  • Changed the value of \"depth_only\" to \"true\" so that the published point cloud contains color information as well.
  • Contributors: Jivko Sinapov, Piyush Khandelwal

0.2.1 (2014-04-24)

  • segbot_bringup: install udev rules (#26)
  • fix some problems catkin_lint discovered

0.2.0 (2014-04-17)

  • Release to Hydro.
  • Added udev rules for segbot, and updated the kinect laserscan configuration.
  • Catkin_lint approved packages.
  • Updated descriptions and licensing information
  • Fixed licensing information from borrowed scripts.

0.1.9 (2013-12-15)

  • revert update for #16 now that we can use the standard robot_state_publisher (#21).

0.1.8 (2013-12-04)

  • use roslaunch_add_files_check() to test that required launch file dependencies are declared.
  • fixed a few minor errors found on the real robot
  • added configuration with both the hokuyo and kinect in it
  • preparing to add kinect as well as the hokuyo for navigation
  • update change history
  • segbot_bringup: use roslaunch_add_file_check() (#20)
  • Contributors: BWI, Jack O\'Quin, Piyush Khandelwal

0.1.7 (2013-09-03)

0.1.6 (2013-08-13)

  • removed nodelet manager reuse for depthimage_to_laserscan for the time being
  • added a script for getting the ip address
  • fixed segbot_bringup to work with upcoming changes to freenect/openni launch files
  • fixed tf prefix setting for gazebo openni_kinect plugin
  • adding prefix enabled copy of robot_state_publisher. closes #16
  • cleaned up segbot description
  • renamed all internal launch files to xml. They don\'t show up in roslaunch any more. closes #15
  • moved joint state publisher to auxiliary files - now runs on both the real robots and in simulation. closes #14
  • significantly cleaned up segbot_description. need new version of xacro to be released before merging with devel. closes #7, #12

0.1.5 (2013-07-16)

  • cleaned up and alphabetized cmake and package description files

0.1.4 (2013-07-13)

  • releasing 0.1.4 with properly formatted changelogs. see #10
  • some cmake cleanup

0.1.3 (2013-07-10)

  • fixed teleop name and installation
  • switched python teleop script from rosbuild to catkin
  • added keyboard teleop script from teleop_twist_keyboard
  • fixed launch directory location

0.1.0 (2013-06-28)

  • now requires robot state publisher and joint state publisher
  • catkinized segbot_bringup. closes #6
  • catkinizing against hydro. progress towards #6
  • all 3 kinect launch files working as expected on real hardware
  • The standard segbot kinect configuration now works on real hardware
  • more cleanup. will now test and fix on robot
  • merging common files and more cleanup
  • Merge branch \'master\' of
  • modifying launch files and correcting typo for summer cleanup
  • added parameter to disable nodelet manager if already running
  • updating dependencies now that libsegwayrmp and segway_rmp have been successfully catkinized
  • removing dependencies during catkinization process
  • checking in configuration code not committed last time
  • added a no sensor configuration. also finally fixed spelling mistake.
  • a couple of bug fixes
  • added a new configuration for the Pharos IRISS group
  • added a robot configuration for assignment 1
  • updated manifest for segbot_bringup
  • the tmp file is now deletted after each use. fixed the hokuyo configuration. closes #3
  • using full gazebo model by default
  • added the hokuyo laser filter in the auxillary configuration of the hokuyo robot
  • changed state_publisher to robot_state_publisher as suggested by warning
  • a larger number of changes (added collision+material properties for gazebo, some bug fixes for hokuyo and kinect launches). Still trying to get gazebo to behave properly
  • fixed up h/w launch files, separating out common simulation elements
  • reogranized all the sensor launch files
  • fixed a number of tf_prefix related issues
  • fixed a bug where joint states were not being published on the real robots
  • fixed a bug where joint states were not being published on the real robots, also introduced a hokuyo based launch file
  • fixed up the kinect based segway launch file (missing the device id for now)
  • some launch file reorganization
  • added a separate package to hold launch files for sensors, mostly while kinect issues are sorted out
  • fixing launch files inside the bringup package
  • consolidated all launch files to the brringup package
  • initial commit of the segbot package from the svn repository

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