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AutonomouStuff PACMod driver package

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  • AutonomouStuff Software Team


  • Joe Driscoll
  • Josh Whitley

PACMod2 (Platform Actuation and Control MODule) ROS Driver


This ROS node is designed to allow the user to control a vehicle (see Supported Vehicles below) with the PACMod drive-by-wire system, board revision 2. Note that this driver is meant for PACMod 2 systems and will not work for newer PACMod 3 systems. See the pacmod3 repo for a ROS driver for PACMod 3 systems.

For access to the DBC file which defines the CAN interface for the PACMod 2, see the pacmod1_2_dbc repo.


Install pacmod using our debian repository:

sudo apt install apt-transport-https
sudo sh -c 'echo "deb [trusted=yes] $(lsb_release -sc) main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/autonomoustuff-public.list'
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ros-$ROS_DISTRO-pacmod2

Note: Previously the pacmod driver was released via the ROS buildfarm. This has changed as of Ubuntu 20.04 (ROS2 Foxy and ROS1 Noetic) to keep old package versions available for download, which gives users greater control over their installed software and also allows downgrades if an upgrade breaks software dependencies.


Launch Arguments

  • pacmod_vehicle_type: This should be set to match the vehicle you are using.
  • use_kvaser: Set this to true if a Kvaser CAN device is being used with Kvaser canlib drivers to connect to the PACMod. Defaults to false.
  • kvaser_hardware_id: The hardware id of the kvaser device, only applies if use_kvaser is true.
  • kvaser_circuit_id: The circuit/channel id that the PACMod is plugged into on the kvaser device, only applies if use_kvaser is true.
  • use_socketcan: Set this to true if Linux SocketCAN drivers are being used to connect to the PACMod. Defaults to false.
  • socketcan_device: The device id of the SocketCAN channel the PACMod is plugged into, only applies if use_socketcan is true.
  • namespace: The namespace of the PACMod driver, topics will be namespaced accordingly. Defaults to pacmod.

Published Topics

Topics published on all platforms:

Topics published on supported platforms only:

Subscribed Topics

Topics subscribed on all platforms:

Topics subscribed on supported platforms only:

Supported Vehicles

  • Polaris GEM Series (e2/e4/e6) MY 2016+
  • Polaris eLXD MY 2016+
  • Polaris Ranger X900
  • International Prostar+ 122
  • Lexus RX-450h MY 2016+

Note: If you have a pacmod system and don't see your vehicle listed above, you likely have a PACMod3 system.


Changelog for package pacmod2

3.0.0 (2022-01-05)

  • Rename to pacmod2 (#20)
  • Update README (#18)
  • Noetic Updates (#19)
  • Contributors: icolwell-as

2.1.0 (2020-02-10)

  • Merge pull request #14 from astuff/fix/updated_msgs URGENT: Fix message changes from pacmod_msgs.
  • Merge pull request #13 from astuff/maint/code_cleanup Formatting clean-up of code and updating of license headers.
  • Merge pull request #11 from astuff/maint/roslint_cleanup Removing roslint exception. Cleaning up include paths.
  • Merge pull request #10 from astuff/maint/remove_redundant_folders Moving all files up a directory, consistent with other packages.
  • Moving DBC to new repo. CI: Removing Indigo.
  • Merge pull request #6 from astuff/maint/add_melodic_build Maint/add melodic build
  • Allowed_failures wasn\'t working before.
  • Forgot to remove ROSINSTALL_FILENAME from allowed failures.
  • Removing ROSINSTALL_FILE as it isn\'t necessary with a version postfix.
  • Fixing ROSINSTALL_FILENAME in Travis.
  • Adding separate rosinstall files for lunar and melodic.
  • Adding melodic build to Travis.
  • Contributors: Daniel-Stanek, Joe Kale, Joshua Whitley, Nishanth Samala, Sam Rustan, Zach Oakes

2.0.2 (2018-06-11)

  • Merge pull request #3 from astuff/maint/adding_roslint Maint/adding roslint
  • Applying all recommended changes from roslint.
  • Adding roslint as build requirement.
  • Adding DBC file to repo.
  • Changed \'overridden\' to \'override_active\' (name was changed in GlobalMsgRpt)
  • Updating license in package.xml.
  • Missing remaps for socketcan.
  • Only sending commands when enabled.
  • Listening for output instead of manual_input while disabled.
  • When disabled, making command match report.
  • Updating package.xml to format 2.
  • Adding MIT license flower box to all source files.
  • Documenting vehicle types before open-sourcing.
  • Adding missing loop pause on can_write.
  • Updating launch files for kvaser_interface.
  • Changing topic names to match convention.
  • Cleaning up launch file.
  • Removing can_interface requirement. Minor clean-up.
  • Merging in core pre-open-sourcing.
  • Removing pause on CAN handle re-open.
  • Fixing parsing bug in VinRpt.
  • Fixing segfault with bad pointer.
  • New encoding method.
  • Making PacmodRosMsgHandler into PacmodTxRosMsgHandler.
  • Changing read to new parsing method.
  • Moving headers to pacmod_common.h.
  • Adding VinRpt.
  • Minor change to order of operations on connect.
  • Making reader and writer connect to CAN the same way.
  • Initializing CAN_IDs the right way.
  • Moving all CAN_IDs to class properties - similar to other drivers.
  • Cleaning up launch file formatting.
  • Cleaning up package docs.
  • Removing install of README which doesn\'t exist anymore.
  • Keeping reader open.
  • Adding a check for ROS while trying to connect.
  • Add populate timestamps in messages
  • Change steering pid 3 message, populate time stamp in rx echo, disable tx echo so tx_can doesn\'t include rx messages, add wheel speed and steer pid4 messages
  • Fix scaling on steering PID messages
  • Use sleep_until instead of sleep_for in can_send loop so it will send closer to the desired rate
  • Adding license.
  • Updating README.
  • Fixing bug that causes thread to need killing if CAN channel is unavailable.
  • More error handling. Now repeatedly attempts to connect. Added further error handling to canSend. Now attempts to connect both can_reader and can_writer with 1s delay time.
  • Adding more error reporting. Shutting down on CAN open errors. Added more extensive error-reporting messages. On CAN open errors in either the reader or the writer, shut down (will be changed later).
  • Matching changes made to can_interface.
  • Fixing data types on DateTime message.
  • Updating value types for LatLonHeading message.
  • Added headlight and horn subscribers.
  • Setting up more vehicle-specific publishing and subscribing. Updates to core.
  • Only parsing headlights if vehicle is Lexus.
  • Changes consistent with can_interface cleanup.
  • Changing topic names to be more consistent with existing topics.
  • Making some CAN publishing optional.
  • Fixing missing yaw_rate_rpt_pub.
  • Added parameter for vehicle_type. Added conditional publishers. Also added needed messages which include timestamps. Completed conditional logic for POLARIS_GEM, POLARIS_RANGER, INTERNATIONAL_PROSTAR_122, and LEXUS_RX_450H.
  • Adding parsing support for messages from additional supported vehicles.
  • Added code to handle semi windshield wipers
  • Making canSend more efficient.
  • Reset all values to default when PACMod is disabled.
  • Parsing error messages on general report.
  • Fixed scale value (10->1000) in SystemRptFloatMsg
  • Setting clear_override to always be true.
  • Changing to periodic message burst instead of ad-hoc transmission.
  • Minor code cleanup
  • Changing can_rx_forward to can_rx.
  • Migrating from can_interface/CanFrame to can_msgs/Frame.
  • added new topic as_tx/vehicle_speed for m/s speed
  • changed how vehicle speed is calculated
  • Fixes for heartbeat and vehicle speed.
  • Removing initial enable/disable.
  • Adding override debounce.
  • Sends heartbeat. Listens for override on PACMod and adjusts heartbeat signal accordingly.
  • Creating separate messages package. Cannot remove C++11 requirement - need mutexes.
  • Contributors: Christopher Vigna, Daniel Stanek, Joe Driscoll, Joe Kale, Joshua Whitley, Sam Rustan, Nathan Imig

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Launch files

  • launch/pacmod2.launch
      • pacmod_vehicle_type [default: POLARIS_GEM]
      • use_kvaser [default: false]
      • kvaser_hardware_id [default: 27733]
      • kvaser_circuit_id [default: 0]
      • use_socketcan [default: false]
      • socketcan_device [default: can0]
      • namespace [default: pacmod]


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