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The off_highway_sensor_drivers_examples package

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  • Sarah Huber


  • Sarah Huber


The off_highway_sensor_drivers_examples package contains sample launch files and scripts to assist with further processing of the data provided by the off_highway_sensor_drivers.


Series-connected Point Cloud Library (PCL) PassThrough filter nodes, which filter the point cloud returned by the off_highway_premium_radar_sample driver by the z, x and radar_cross_section field values of the locations. Thresholds are set to example values directly in the launch file and can be adapted at runtime using the dynamic reconfigure plugin of rqt.


:warning: Running this example currently requires building perception_pcl from source. :warning:

Since the currently available ROS 2 binaries of the pcl_ros package do not yet contain all required features to run this example, the perception_pcl repository needs to be cloned and built from source. To accomplish this, cd into the source folder of your workspace and execute

git clone -b ros2
cd ..
rosdep update && rosdep install --from-paths src --ignore-src -r -y
colcon build --cmake-args '-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release'

to build it. Source the workspace before running the example with

ros2 launch off_highway_sensor_drivers_examples

Launch files

  • Starts the off_highway_premium_radar_sample driver with the given parameters, PCL PassThrough filters and rviz.
    • Arguments:
    • off_highway_premium_radar_params: Path to ROS YAML parameter file to load for driver. If not provided, default parameters from the off_highway_premium_radar_sample package are loaded.
    • rviz_config: Path to rviz configuration file. If not provided, default configuration is loaded from this package.


Example to demonstrate, how velocity information from messages other than geometry_msgs::msg::TwistStamped can be passed to the off_highway_radar driver. The extract_velocity component extracts the velocity information from a nav_msgs::msg::Odometry message and republishes it as geometry_msgs::msg::TwistStamped message.

Launch files

  • Starts the extract_velocity component and the sender component of the off_highway_radar in a composition to make use of intra-process communication.
    • Arguments:
    • params: Path to ROS YAML parameter file to load for sender component of off_highway_radar. If not provided, default parameters from the off_highway_radar package are loaded.

Changelog for package off_highway_sensor_drivers_examples

0.6.2 (2024-06-13)

0.6.1 (2024-06-04)

0.6.0 (2024-05-14)

  • Restructure README of examples package
  • Use single container for driver and filter
  • Rename premium radar driver to sample Currently, the delivered Radar Off-Highway Premium and its firmware are just samples. Separate package will be created for series firmware.
  • Add example component to demonstrate extraction of velocity
  • Update executable names for premium radar in launch
  • Add launch argument for parameters and unify launch file names
  • Contributors: Robin Petereit, Sarah Huber

0.5.1 (2024-03-27)

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