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Package Deprecated

This package will be removed in ROS Indigo. The nmea_navsat_driver package replaces this package. The nmea_serial_driver node contained in that package should be a dropin replacement for nmea_gps_driver.py .

Package Summary

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Version 0.3.2
License BSD
Build type CATKIN

Repository Summary

Checkout URI https://github.com/ros-drivers/nmea_gps_driver.git
VCS Type git
VCS Version hydro-devel
Last Updated 2013-07-21
Dev Status END-OF-LIFE
CI status No Continuous Integration
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Package Description

Package to parse NMEA strings and publish a very simple GPS messgae. Does not require the GPSD deamon.

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  • Eric Perko


  • Eric Perko
  • Steven Martin


ROS driver to parse NMEA strings and publish standard ROS GPS message types. Does not require the GPSD daemon to be running.

This package is deprecated and you should use nmea_navsat_driver going forward.


This package has no released Code API.

The ROS API documentation and other information can be found at http://ros.org/wiki/nmea_gps_driver


Change log for nmea_gps_driver package

0.3.2 (2013-07-21)

  • Moved all new functionaliaty to nmea_navsat_driver and nmea_msgs packages. nmea_gps_driver will be removed in Indigo.

0.3.1 (2013-05-07)

  • Removed incorrect find_package dependencies

0.3.0 (2013-05-05)

  • Initial release for Hydro
  • Converted to Catkin
  • nmea_gps_driver.py is now deprecated and will be removed in I-Turtle. Replacement node is nmea_serial_driver.py .
  • Refactored code into NMEA parser, common ROS driver and separate nodes for reading directly from serial or from topic.
  • Bugs fixed:

0.2.0 (2012-03-15)

  • Initial version (released into Fuerte)
  • Supports GGA or RMC+GSA sentences to generate sensor_msgs/NavSatFix messages

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