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Maliput bindings

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  • Andrew Best


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Maliput Py


The maliput_py package provides a python interface covering the Maliput's API. For the binding creation, pybind11 tool has been used.

Please visit Maliput Python Interface for further information.

Note: For full information about Maliput please visit Maliput Documentation.

API Documentation

Refer to Maliput Py's Online API Documentation.


Getting Started page is a good place for starting to see the Maliput Py's capabilities.


Supported platforms

Ubuntu Focal Fossa 20.04 LTS.

Binary Installation on Ubuntu

See Installation Docs.

Source Installation on Ubuntu


sudo apt install python3-rosdep python3-colcon-common-extensions


  1. Create colcon workspace if you don't have one yet.
    mkdir colcon_ws/src -p

  1. Clone this repository in the src folder
    cd colcon_ws/src
    git clone

  1. Install package dependencies via rosdep
    export ROS_DISTRO=foxy

    rosdep update
    rosdep install -i -y --rosdistro $ROS_DISTRO --from-paths src

  1. Build the package
    colcon build --packages-up-to maliput_py

**Note**: To build documentation a `-BUILD_DOCS` cmake flag is required:
    colcon build --packages-select maliput_py --cmake-args " -DBUILD_DOCS=On"

More info at [Building Documentation](

For further info refer to Source Installation on Ubuntu

For development

It is recommended to follow the guidelines for setting up a development workspace as described here.


Please see CONTRIBUTING page.




Changelog for package maliput_py

0.1.3 (2022-09-14)

  • Adds binding for ToSegmentPosition. (#70)
  • Contributors: Franco Cipollone

0.1.2 (2022-07-28)

  • Use maliput\'s method for creating road network via plugin api. (#68)
  • Fixes IntersectionBook\'s bug. (#69)
  • Adds triage workflow. (#66)
  • Adds TrafficLightBook bindings. (#65)
  • Improves README. (#64)
  • Contributors: Franco Cipollone

0.1.1 (2022-06-16)

  • Removes pylint and pycodestyle explicit dependency. (#63)
  • Contributors: Franco Cipollone

0.1.0 (2022-06-16)

  • Updates package.xml
  • Suppresses old-rule-api-related deprecation warnings. (#62)
  • Depends on pybind11 package via rosdep. (#61)
  • Uses ros-action-ci in build.yaml workflow. (#59)
  • Moves package to root (#60)
  • Updates license. (#58)
  • Removes dashing CI. (#57)
  • Added a binding in RoadPosition for ToInertialPosition method (#56)
  • Adds IntersectionBook::FindIntersection(inertial_pos) binding. (#55)
  • Merge pull request #54 from ToyotaResearchInstitute/voldivh/value_range_method_to_state
  • [FEAT]: Changed values() and ranges() method from Rules to states()
  • Adds bindings for new GetState method in the state providers. (#53)
  • Adds BUILD_DOCS flag as opt-in flag (#52)
  • Adds workflow_dispatch to other workflows. (#51)
  • Adds PhaseRingBook bindings (#48)
  • Tests maliput::api interfaces (#47)
  • Completes RoadNetwork bindings (#46)
  • Adds IntersectionBook (#45)
  • Adds CI badges (#50)
  • Adds Intersection bindings (#44) Co-authored-by: Franco Cipollone <>
  • Adds PhaseProvider bindings (#43)
  • Adds PhaseRing bindings (#42)
  • Adds Phase bindings. (#41)
  • Adds bindings for UniqueBulbId, UniqueBulbGroupId and fixes hashing in other Ids (#40)
  • Adds TrafficLight bindings. (#39)
  • Adds BulbGroup bindings (#38)
  • Adds Bulb bindings. (#37)
  • Adds bindings for some Bulb related types (#36)
  • Adds bindings for RuleStateProviders. (#35)
  • Adds RoadRulebook bindings. (#34)
  • Adds bindings for RuleRegistry. (#33)
  • Adds DiscreteValueRule and RangeValueRule binding (#32)
  • Adds bindings for Rule, Rule::State and UniqueId (#30)
  • Replaces push by workflow_dispatch event in gcc build. (#29)
  • Completes Lane API bindinds and adds RBounds, HBounds and IsoLaneVelocity. (#28)
  • Adds LaneEndSet and BranchPoint (#27)
  • Adds LaneEnd binding. (#26)
  • Adds python bindings for SRange, LaneSRange and LaneSRoute. (#25)
  • Extends LanePosition and ***Id python interface (#24)
  • Extends python interface of some maliput.api entities. (#23)
  • Adds MaliputPluginManager::ListPlugins binding. (#22)
  • Documents maliput python interface. (#19)
  • Tests maliput::api bindings. (#17)
  • Fixes binding to CreateRoadNetworkFromPlugin method. (#15)
  • Set up linker properly when using clang. (#13)
  • Removes ament_target_dependencies (#12)
  • Use drake branch of pybind11, use 20.04 in CI (#9)
  • Use newer revision of pybind11 (#10)
  • rosdep update --include-eol-distros (#11)
  • Fix include style part 2: rearrange headers (#8)
  • Fix include style part 1: use <> for maliput, pybind11 includes (#7)
  • Upgrade ros-tooling to v0.2.1 (#6)
  • Rename maliput documentation (#5)
  • Switch ament_cmake_doxygen to main. (#4)
  • Optimizes scan-build run in CI. (#3)
  • Add changelog template (#2)
  • Split maliput and maliput_py
  • Installs git in workflows.
  • Adds vcs checkout to matching branch.
  • Adds various config and buid files that were not part of the migration.
  • Adds CI configuration
  • Moves maliput_py contents into maliput_py folder.
  • Uses ament_cmake_flake8 package instead of pycodestyle. (#383)
  • Adds python3 dependency to maliput_py\'s package.xml. (#382)
  • Adds a python binding function to easily create a RoadNetwork (#380)
  • Implements a Plugin architecture (#377)
  • Rename ToGeoPosition and GeoPosition by ToInertialPosition and InertialPosition (#376)
  • Adds pylint to maliput_py package. (#375)
  • Move bindings to another package. (#374)
  • Initial commit
  • Contributors: Agustin Alba Chicar, Chien-Liang Fok, Franco Cipollone, Geoffrey Biggs, Steve Peters, Voldivh

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