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Last Updated 2017-03-15

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Semantic maps of different rooms at the JSK lab at the University of Tokyo.

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  • Kei Okada
  • Lars Kunze


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Changelog for package jsk_semantic_maps

0.0.4 (2017-03-15)

0.0.3 (2016-02-11)

0.0.2 (2015-11-26)

  • Ignore auto generated files
  • Contributors: Kentaro Wada

0.0.1 (2015-06-11)

  • [jsk_demos] remove rosmake files
  • catkinize jsk_demos
  • moved the spots for picking cups
  • moved mini kitchen spot
  • added predicate for listing all object/room tuples
  • update eng2,scene1 owl model
  • fixed eus -> owl script, remove vert type map (it is default now)
  • update jsk_map,semantic
  • update owl files
  • add and update spots in eng2 map
  • update add UtilityRoom property to MiniKitchen
  • update name of cups from jsk_maps
  • update due to r1959
  • update owl file due to jsk_maps -r 1956
  • modify cup pose in mini-kitchen, update demo script
  • update cup pose in mini-kitchen
  • remove 2 cups, and add mini kitchen in 7f-A
  • add mini kitchen room in eng2/7f
  • add kitchen type for 83B1 room
  • add types for rooms in eng2
  • added knowrob_omics as dependency
  • added heatmap visualization, latest maps
  • modify the cup position in 73a3
  • updated scene1.owl for different image name
  • updated new scene1 for images
  • add mit-mug to jsk_map:scene1
  • updated vertical map, load scene1.owl now by default, ie no second argument is needed
  • moved some predicates to
  • latest map with links to images
  • Added maps for different scenarios. The map names of the scenarios correspond to the names of the scenarios that can be exported with the convert-iasmap.l tool in the jsk_maps package. So far there are these maps available: eng2, scene1. In order to load a specific map please use the command like this: \$ rosrun rosprolog rosprolog jsk_semantic_maps scene1 Alternatively, you can run: \$ rosrun rosprolog rosprolog jsk_semantic_maps ?- scene1. Note: No map is loaded by default, i.e. you have to load a map like described above. Currently there are also the options: vert and jsk_map jsk_map - correspond basically to the eng2 map, this will be removed later vert - basically jsk_map, but the floors appear on top of each other, ONLY for viualization
  • added latest map, and vertical map
  • latest map, orientation of chairs and places are fixed now
  • fixed error in semantic map
  • fixed names, and orientations
  • latest map
  • 8f rooms with right translations
  • latest map including spots
  • added latest jsk map, removed type info in addons file, added some visualization predicates
  • add example-eng2-map.launch
  • add json_prolog depend
  • latest map
  • added room types and local frame information (parent, transformation)
  • wip: generated map of eng2 building, 4 floors, and several rooms.
  • added a package for storing jsk\'s semantic maps.
  • Contributors: Kei Okada, Yaseru Chen, Kunze Laas, Manabu Saito

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0 comp_spatial
0 comp_temporal
0 mod_vis
0 comp_semantic_map
0 knowrob_omics
0 json_prolog
1 catkin

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