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`image_geometry` contains C++ and Python libraries for interpreting images geometrically. It interfaces the calibration parameters in sensor_msgs/CameraInfo messages with OpenCV functions such as image rectification, much as cv_bridge interfaces ROS sensor_msgs/Image with OpenCV data types.

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Changelog for package image_geometry

1.12.4 (2017-01-29)

  • Import using __future_ for python 3 compatibility.
  • Contributors: Hans Gaiser

1.12.3 (2016-12-04)

1.12.2 (2016-09-24)

  • Fix \"stdlib.h: No such file or directory\" errors in GCC-6 Including \'-isystem /usr/include\' breaks building with GCC-6. See
  • Merge pull request #142 from YuOhara/remap_with_nan_border_value remap with nan border if mat value is float or double
  • remap with nan border if mat value is float or double
  • Contributors: Hodorgasm, Vincent Rabaud, YuOhara

1.12.1 (2016-07-11)

  • Add fullResolution getter to PinholeCameraModel
  • add a missing dependency when building the doc
  • fix sphinx doc path
  • Contributors: Jacob Panikulam, Vincent Rabaud

1.12.0 (2016-03-18)

  • depend on OpenCV3 only
  • Contributors: Vincent Rabaud

1.11.12 (2016-03-10)

  • issue #117 pull request #118 check all distortion coefficients to see if rectification ought to be done
  • Contributors: Lucas Walter

1.11.11 (2016-01-31)

  • clean up the doc files
  • fix a few warnings in doc jobs
  • Contributors: Vincent Rabaud

1.11.10 (2016-01-16)

1.11.9 (2015-11-29)

  • add a condition if D=None
  • fix compilation warnings
  • Contributors: Vincent Rabaud, YuOhara

1.11.8 (2015-07-15)

  • fixes #62, bug in Python rectifyPoint old opencv1 API
  • Simplify some OpenCV3 distinction
  • Contributors: Basheer Subei, Vincent Rabaud

1.11.7 (2014-12-14)

  • Merge pull request #53 from carnegieroboticsllc/patch-1 Update stereo_camera_model.cpp
  • Updated inline math for reprojecting a single disparity
  • Update stereo_camera_model.cpp Correct slight error in the Q matrix derivation
  • Updated Q matrix to account for cameras with different Fx and Fy values
  • Contributors: Carnegie Robotics LLC, Matt Alvarado, Vincent Rabaud

1.11.6 (2014-11-16)

  • Fixes in image_geometry for Python cv2 API
  • Fixed typo: np -> numpy
  • Added missing tfFrame method to Python PinholeCameraModel.
  • Removed trailing whitespace.
  • Contributors: Daniel Maturana

1.11.5 (2014-09-21)

  • get code to work with OpenCV3 actually fixes #46 properly
  • Contributors: Vincent Rabaud

1.11.4 (2014-07-27)

1.11.3 (2014-06-08)

  • pinhole_camera_model: fix implicit shared_ptr cast to bool for C++11 In C++11 boost::shared_ptr does not provide the implicit bool conversion operator anymore, so make the cast in pinhole_camera_model.h explicit. That does not hurt in older C++ standards and makes compilation with C++11 possible.
  • Contributors: Max Schwarz

1.11.2 (2014-04-28)

1.11.1 (2014-04-16)

1.11.0 (2014-02-15)

  • remove OpenCV 1 API
  • fixes #6
  • fix OpenCV dependencies
  • Contributors: Vincent Rabaud

1.10.15 (2014-02-07)

  • add assignment operator for StereoCameraModel
  • fixed Python rectifyImage implementation in PinholeCameraModel
  • Added operator= for the PinholeCameraModel. Added the operator= for the PinholeCameraModel. I am not sure if the PinholeCameraModel needs to have a destructor, too. To follow the \'rule of three\' it should actually have one.
  • Contributors: Tobias B

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