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Eclipse iceoryx inter-process-communication (IPC) middleware C-Language Binding

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Iceoryx C Language binding

If you are looking for an example take a look at the icedelivery on c example.

C API structure

The idea of the C API is to be as close to the C++ API as possible. The idea is that the C API looks and feels the same like the C++ API so that you do not have to learn Iceoryx from scratch if you would like to use the C API.

Therefore, we have the following coding conventions exclusively in the C API.

  • C functions are using an abbreviation of the class name. For instance Subscriber would use sub and the methods are named like iox_sub_method_name where the camelCase is converted into snake_case.
  • A typedef for the handle is created with the abbreviation as name, a iox prefix and a _t suffix, like iox_sub_t
  • If the constructor allocates an element it has the suffix _create and is called for instance iox_sub_create. Analog to the constructor the destructor has the suffix _destroy and is named like iox_sub_destroy.
  • If the constructor requires preallocated memory it has the suffix _init and is called for instance iox_sub_init. The corresponding destructor would then have the suffix _deinit and is named like iox_sub_deinit.
    • We provide structs to preallocate memory on the stack easily. They are having the suffix _storage_t and are named like iox_sub_storage_t. This allows you to use them like.
         iox_sub_storage_t subStorage;
         iox_sub_t = iox_sub_init(&subStorage);

  • The first parameter is always the handle to the corresponding object.
  • If possible, the arguments should stay the same in the C API.

  • Enum values are named like EnumName_EnumValue

  • Enum names follow the rule namespace_EnumName

Here is an example:

namespace iox {
enum class Color {

class Subscriber {
        Subscriber(const std::string &name);
        cxx::optional<void*> receive();
        bool send(void * data);
        void allHailHypnotoad();

class MyOtherClass {
        MyOtherClass(const int a);
        void youSpinMeRoundLikeARecord();

The corresponding C binding would then look like:

enum iox_Color {

typedef struct Subscriber * sub_t;

sub_t iox_sub_create(const char * name);
void iox_sub_destroy(sub_t const self);
bool iox_sub_receive(sub_t const self, void * const data);
bool iox_sub_send(sub_t const self, void * const data);
void iox_sub_all_hail_hypnotoad(sub_t const self);

struct iox_other_class_storage_t_ {
    uint64_t do_not_touch_me[8]; // lets assume 8 * 8 is the size of MyOtherClass
typedef iox_other_class_storage_t_ iox_other_class_storage_t;

typedef struct MyOtherClass * iox_other_class_t;
iox_other_class_t iox_other_class_init(iox_other_class_storage_t * self,const int a);
void iox_other_class_deinit(iox_other_class_t * self);
void iox_other_class_you_spin_me_round_like_a_record(iox_other_class_t * self);


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