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Package Description

Gazebo plugin that allows writing custom Gazebo sensors.

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  • Martin Pecka


  • Martin Pecka

Implement custom Gazebo sensors at ease

The current structure of the Gazebo simulator doesn't allow implementation of custom <sensor>s in the form of externally loaded plugins. To add a new sensor implementation, you officially need to fork Gazebo and add the sensor to its source code.

This doesn't sound really great, does it?

This Gazebo system plugin allows you to write custom Gazebo sensors as ROS packages (so it depends on gazebo_ros, and adding them to Gazebo is then a matter of a few configuration lines in your sensor code. Theoretically, the mechanism this plugin uses could work completely without ROS, but hey, who uses Gazebo without ROS? :)

This plugin is only tested to work with Gazebo 9. If you successfully use it with a different version, please let me know in the issues.

Known custom sensors

Here's a (noncomprehensive) list of known custom sensor implementations that work with this plugin. Feel free to open a pull request to add your own implementation here.

  • gazebo_rotating_lidar: A sensor for more realistic simulation of lidars based on a rotating mirror where each laser beam has a different timestamp.

How to do it

There is an example custom sensor in this package: ExampleCustomSensor.cpp, ExampleCustomSensor.h and example_custom_sensor.xml. The most important things will be described further in this document.

⚠ In this guide, we use the names ExampleCustomSensor and example_custom_sensor, which you have to change, because a custom sensor with this class/name is already built in this package.

Create a ROS/catkin package for your sensor

E.g. by calling

catkin_create_pkg ... example_custom_sensor ...

A pretty normal Sensor implementation ...


Here, it is important to note that your custom sensor has to reside inside the gazebo::sensors namespace.

#include <gazebo/sensors/Sensor.hh>

namespace gazebo
namespace sensors

class ExampleCustomSensor : public Sensor

// your code



In the implementation file, you have to register your sensor via the following block of code. The first argument is the Gazebo sensor type, which is how you reference the custom sensor in SDF. It should also match the name attribute in XML plugin definition (prefixed with sensors/).

#include <gazebo/sensors/SensorFactory.hh>

using gazebo::sensors::Sensor;
using gazebo::sensors::SensorFactory;
extern "C"
GZ_REGISTER_STATIC_SENSOR("example_custom_sensor", ExampleCustomSensor)

// your sensor implementation

... a few configuration lines ...


This is a configuration file you may know if you've ever used ROS pluginlib, e.g. when implementing a nodelet. The library path is relative to the devel space of your sensor's workspace, and contains the name of the shared object containing the sensor, excluding the .so extension. Class name is the same you used as the first argument to GZ_REGISTER_STATIC_SENSOR, prefixed with sensors/ to avoid name collisions. Class type is the fully qualified C++ name of your sensor's class, and base class type should always be gazebo::sensors::Sensor.

<library path="lib/libexample_custom_sensor">
  <class name="sensors/example_custom_sensor"
      An example Gazebo custom sensor skeleton.


In package.xml, you just have to <exec_depend> on this package and add an <export> tag that specifies the path to the above-created XML file. ${prefix} will get expanded to your package's source directory root.

    <gazebo_custom_sensor_preloader plugin="${prefix}/example_custom_sensor.xml" />



... and don't forget to load this system plugin

This is the greatest pain in the ***, but it has to be done. Whenever you launch Gazebo and want to use a custom sensor, you need to start it with the server plugin path like this:

```bash script gzserver -s "other" "args"

This package provides a convenience script which combines this system plugin with
`gazebo_ros` system plugins into a single commandline, so that you can run gazebo

```bash script
rosrun gazebo_custom_sensor_preloader gzserver "other" "args"

But this is just a convenience script, you can as well implement your own custom Gazebo launcher script.

Use it!


The sensor type attribute contains the same value you used as the first argument to GZ_REGISTER_STATIC_SENSOR.

<sdf ...>
  <model ...>
    <link ...>
      <sensor name="great_sensor" type="example_custom_sensor">


If everything is set up correctly, you should see at least the following lines in the console if your launch gzserver with the --verbose flag:

[Msg] CustomSensorPreloader: Preloaded custom sensor ExampleCustomSensor from library /some/path/lib/
[Msg] CustomSensorPreloader: Adding GAZEBO_PLUGIN_PATH /some/path/lib

If the custom plugin preloader is missing or wrongly configured, you'll see instead

[Err] [] Unable to create sensor of type[your_custom_sensor]

How it works

This plugin makes use of the fact that function GZ_REGISTER_STATIC_SENSOR creates a global function RegisterCustomPlugin() in the sensor's shared library, which basically calls SensorFactory::RegisterSensor(name, NewCustomPlugin). So this plugin just finds the right shared libraries and calls these registration functions in each of them.

Unfortunately, of all the types of Gazebo plugins (Sensor, Model, World and System), only the System plugins can run the registration code early enough so that Gazebo finds the custom sensor implementation.


Changelog for package gazebo_custom_sensor_preloader

1.1.0 (2023-08-29)

  • Removed unnecessary pollution of gazebo plugin path.
  • Simplified specifying the plugin name on the command line, cleaned up build files.
  • Noetic compatibility.
  • Contributors: Martin Pecka

1.0.1 (2019-10-17)

  • Deferring the sensor registration so that they are registered after all the default ones.
  • Contributors: Martin Pecka

1.0.0 (2019-10-17)

  • Initial commit.
  • Contributors: Martin Pecka

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