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Package Description

Clearpath OutdoorNav URDF description

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  • José Mastrangelo


  • José Mastrangelo


This package contains additional description files used for Clearpath Robotics' OutdoorNav software.

Getting Started - Physical Robots

If you have a physical robot that uses OutdoorNav, please follow the OutdoorNav user manual for instructions on configuring your robot model.

The OutdoorNav setup script will prompt you to configure the type, number, and position of all sensors on the robot, automatically generating the necessary environment variables and configuring the robot's description as needed.

Getting Started - Simulations

To simplify simulating robots with the OutdoorNav hardware, several scripts with the necessary environment variables have been provided to add common configurations to existing platforms:

Platform Model
Husky Observer Husky Observer
Husky Starter Kit Husky Starter
Jackal Starter Kit Jackal Starter
Warthog Starter Kit Warthog Starter

To simulate these configurations, source the appropriate file in the scripts directory, and then start the simulation, for example:

source $(catkin_find cpr_onav_description scripts/husky_starter_kit_envars.bash --first-only)
roslaunch husky_gazebo husky_playpen.launch

The Husky Observer configuration features a PTZ camera, which contains PID controllers to enable control over the pan and tilt of the camera. The ptz_action_server repository contains the simulated_ptz_action_server package which can be used to add an actionlib interface to control the position and zoom level of the simulated camera if desired.


Changelog for package cpr_onav_description

0.1.10 (2023-10-31)

  • Add: Custom 3d_lidar.urdf.xacro for simulating VLP16 / 3d lidars
  • Mod: Decrease Hokuyo update rate from 50->10 Hz
  • Contributors: Stephen Phillips

0.1.9 (2023-09-29)

  • Add the ground truth odometry plugin for simulation support
  • Reduce the target FPS of the RealSense simulations to 6FPS, to match with physical hardware configuration
  • Contributors: Chris Iverach-Brereton

0.1.8 (2023-09-18)

  • Don\'t pull in axis q62 meshes for all axis ptz camera integrations; a new mesh for dome-style cameras will be added in a future release
  • Contributors: Jos

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