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Package Description

The clover_simulation package provides worlds and launch files for Gazebo.

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  • Oleg Kalachev


  • Alexey Rogachevskiy
  • Andrey Ryabov
  • Arthur Golubtsov
  • Oleg Kalachev
  • Svyatoslav Zhuravlev

clover_simulation ROS package

This package provides resources necessary for launching Gazebo simulation with Clover, along with .launch files for convenience.

Launching the simulation

Simulation is launched by simulator.launch file. This .launch file assumes that px4 and sitl_gazebo packages are reachable from your current workspace.

The simulation may be configured by a set of arguments:

  • mav_id (integer, default: 0) - MAVLink identifier of the vehicle. Note: Multi-vehicle simulation is possible, but requires extensive changes to launch files;
  • est (string, default: lpe, possible values: lpe, ekf2) - PX4 estimator selection. Note that this may be overriden in the startup scripts for your craft;
  • vehicle (string, default: clover) - PX4 vehicle name. Depending on this parameter, different PX4 presets will be loaded. Note: The default value, clover, requires you to use Clover-specific PX4 branch;
  • main_camera (boolean, default: true) - controls whether the drone will have a vision position estimation camera;
  • rangefinder (boolean, default: true) - controls whether the drone will have a laser rangefinder;
  • led (boolean, default: true) - controls whether the drone will have a programmable LED strip;
  • gps (boolean, default: true) - controls whether the drone will have a simulated GPS module;

In order to start the simulation, run:

roslaunch clover_simulation simulator.launch

This will start a new Gazebo instance (using gazebo_ros package), load a PX4 SITL instance, spawn a Clover model and start Clover ROS nodes. The PX4 console will be accessible in the terminal where roslaunch was performed.

Changing simulation speed (PX4 1.9+)

In order to run simulation faster or slower than realtime, use the PX4_SIM_SPEED_FACTOR environment variable, as stated in the PX4 docs.

If PX4_SIM_SPEED_FACTOR is not set, it is assumed that it is equal to 1.0.

Note that Gazebo may slow the simulation down automatically. This may not be handled gracefully, so if you notice Gazebo's "Real Time Factor" being significantly lower than your PX4_SIM_SPEED_FACTOR, be sure to adjust it accordingly.

Changing initial world

By default, the simulator.launch file will start the simulation with resources/worlds/ as its base world. Note that the real_time_update_rate is set to 250 - this is required for PX4 lockstep simulation to work correctly.

If you wish to create your own world for the simulation, be sure to derive it from to avoid issues with PX4 plugins.

You may set the world name in simulator.launch as the world_name parameter for gazebo_ros instance.

Configuring the vehicle

simulator.launch utilizes the same clover.launch file from the clover ROS package, so ROS node reconfiguration is the same as on the real drone.

PX4 may be reconfigured using QGroundControl, just like a real drone. Some parameters may require rebooting the drone, which is performed by shutting the simulated environment down and restarting it.

PX4 will write its parameters and logs to ${ROS_HOME}/eeprom/parameters and ${ROS_HOME}/log, respectively. Note that the log directory naming schema for PX4 logs is different from ROS: PX4 creates log directories based on the current date, which makes them relatively simple to find.

LED plugin (sim_leds)

A visual Gazebo plugin is used for the LED strip. An example of the plugin usage is provided in led_strip.xacro.

The plugin accepts the following parameters during instantiation:

  • robotNamespace (string, default: "") - a ROS namespace for the plugin;
  • ledCount (integer, required) - total numer of LEDs in a strip.

The plugin will provide the following service:

led/set_leds (led_msgs/SetLEDs) - set the LED colors to the provided values.

The plugin will provide the following topics:

led/state (led_msgs/LEDStateArray) - current LED strip state.

Other nodes are not expected to write to led/state topic.

All provided topics and services will be namespaced according to the robotNamespace parameter.

Throttling camera plugin (throttling_camera)

By default, Gazebo camera sensors will use their update_rate parameter as an upper bound for the actual rate. This may result in much lower rates than expected. This may be fine for object recognition tasks where the camera is not the primary positioning sensor, but is not desirable in our case, when the camera is used for position calculation.

We provide a Gazebo-ROS plugin for the camera sensor that will throttle down the simulation to maintain update rate. The plugin API is based on the gazebo_ros_camera plugin, and respects the following parameters in SDF:

  • <minUpdateRate> (double, default: same as <updateRate>) - least allowed publish/update rate for the camera (in Hz);
  • <windowSize> (integer, default: 10) - number of last update intervals that are considered for throttling;
  • <maxStDev> (double, default: 0.02) - maximum standard deviation value for update intervals.

The simulation will be slowed down if the average update rate (averaged over <windowSize> samples) is lower than <minUpdateRate> and is consistent (standard deviation over <windowSize> samples is less than <maxStDev>).


Changelog for package clover_simulation

0.21.1 (2020-11-17)

  • First release of clover_simulation package to ROS
  • Contributors: Alexey Rogachevskiy

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Launch files

  • launch/simulator_1.8.2.launch
      • mav_id [default: 0]
      • est [default: lpe]
      • vehicle [default: iris]
      • main_camera [default: true]
      • rangefinder [default: true]
      • led [default: true]
      • gps [default: false]
  • launch/simulator.launch
      • type [default: gazebo]
      • mav_id [default: 0]
      • est [default: ekf2]
      • vehicle [default: clover]
      • main_camera [default: true]
      • rangefinder [default: true]
      • led [default: true]
      • gps [default: false]
      • use_clover_physics [default: false]
      • rc [default: false]
      • web_video_server [default: false]
      • main_camera [default: false]
      • aruco [default: false]
      • led [default: false]


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