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rapid_pbd 0.2.0


Rapid PbD

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Rapid PbD is a programming by demonstration (PbD) system for the PR2, Fetch, and Baxter robots. The goal of the system is to provide an easy way to program manipulation actions that can be used in other applications.

Getting started

Program model

Users use the Rapid PbD interface to create programs. A program is represented using the rapid_pbd_msgs/Program msg. The system provides an actionlib interface for running programs.

A program consists of a sequence of steps, and each step consists of one or more actions. There can be different types of actions, including moving the arm, moving the head, and detecting tabletop objects. The actions of a step are run in parallel, but the steps run in sequence. For example, in one step, you can point the head down and move the robot's arms to the side, and in the next step, you can detect tabletop objects.