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Version 1.0.1
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Last Updated 2020-02-15
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Package Description

Ubiquiti AirOS tools for extracting AP information to ROS

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  • Martin Pecka


  • Martin Pecka


Ubiquiti AirOS tools for extracting AP information to ROS.

Tested with Bullet M5 with firmware 6.2.0.

This package provides a node that publishes some basic statistics about the Bullet itself, its network interfaces and connected stations.



  • string username: Username to use for login (default ubnt)
  • string password: Password to use for login (default ubntubnt)
  • string address: The base address of the web UI (default
  • string frame_id: The frame_id to be used in the published messages' headers. If None, the Bullet's hostname will be read from a status message and used as frame_id. Default is None.
  • float publish_rate: Rate at which to query the Bullet and publish the data (default 0.1 Hz).
  • bool compute_rates: The station and interface stats do not normally include rate statistics. If you want the to be computed by this node, set this paramter to True. This means that the first message of each stream will be dropped, because it has no predecessor with which total bytes could be compared. Default is True.

Published topics

  • ubnt_airos_tools/Status status: The status info about the Bullet.
  • ubnt_airos_tools/Interfaces interfaces: Statistics of the Bullet's network interfaces.
  • ubnt_airos_tools/Stations stations: Statistics of the Bullet's connected stations.

Changelog for package ubnt_airos_tools

1.0.1 (2020-02-15)

  • Initial commit.
  • Contributors: Martin Pecka

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