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Package Description

The tuw_marker_noise package provides nodes for adding artificial noise to MarkerDetection messages from the marker_msgs package and for recording MarkerDetection messages in order to obtain a measurement noise model.

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  • Markus Bader


  • Markus Macsek

In order to obtain the parameters for a given measurement noise model (see "src/parameter.m") one needs first to record samples: roslaunch tuw_marker_noise record.launch The record is formated written into a file "record.csv".

This file is parsed again by "src/" which then estimates the variances for boxes of given precision parameterized by the expected measurement length and the expected measurement angle (2D only, orientation is skipped because lack of meaningful data): ./ -r ../output/record.csv -p -0.2 The variances are written into a file "variance.csv" in the same directory as "record.csv".

Finally "src/" calls the M-File "src/parameter.m" in order to estimate the parameters. These parameters are written into the file "parameter.csv"

Dependencies for "src/" apt-get install liboctave-dev pip install numpy pip install scipy pip install oct2py

Dependencies for "src/parameter.m" octave> pkg install struct.tar.gz ( octave> pkg install optim.tar.gz (


Changelog for package tuw_marker_noise


  • Initial commit
  • Contributors: Markus Macsek, Markus Bader

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Launch files

  • launch/noise.launch
      • beta_1 [default: 0.0015108793]
      • beta_2 [default: 0.0030759394]
      • beta_3 [default: 0.0209484956]
      • beta_4 [default: 0.0190882545]
      • beta_5 [default: -0.0087332785]
      • beta_6 [default: 0.0281445351]
      • beta_7 [default: 0.0200817239]
      • beta_8 [default: -0.0004093125]
      • beta_9 [default: 0.0085052679]
      • beta_10 [default: 0.0010222184]
      • beta_11 [default: -0.0007397988]
      • beta_12 [default: 0.0028693465]
      • beta_13 [default: 0.0025763766]
      • beta_14 [default: 0.0721725284]
      • beta_15 [default: -0.0028335332]
      • beta_16 [default: 0.1056639276]
      • beta_17 [default: -0.0081272976]
      • beta_18 [default: 0.1105084965]
      • plot_data [default: true]
      • marker [default: base_marker_detection]
  • launch/record.launch
      • input [default: $(find tuw_marker_noise)/input/visual_marker_cave.csv]
      • output_dir [default: $(find tuw_marker_noise)/output]
      • frame_id_odom [default: odom]
      • markers [default: markers]


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