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SOEM is an open source EtherCAT master library written in C. Its primary target is Linux but can be adapted to other OS and embedded systems. SOEM has originally been hosted at but has been moved to GitHub and the OpenEtherCATsociety organisation This package contains the original SOEM C code provided by the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, the development of which has been taken over by rt-labs ( As the original source is down, it is not totally clear what the state of this package is with respect to the upstream repository. It is, however, approximately the one merged in Disclaimer: This package is not a development package for SOEM, but rather a wrapper to provide SOEM to ROS. In the end, this just provides the CMake quirks that allows releasing SOEM as a ROS package. All bug reports regarding the original SOEM source code should go to the bugtracker at All ROS related issues should target the bug tracker linked below (but might be redirected ;-)).

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  • Matthias Gruhler


  • Arthur Ketels and M.J.G. van den Molengraft
To compile for linux:

go to project directory

source ./ linux

make all

Please read the doxygen documentation in doc/html/index.html


To complie for windows:

go to project directory 

Build soem libary make_libsoem_lib.bat <Path to MSVC VC> <arch>

Ex: make_libsoem_lib.bat "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC" x86

Build test folder make_test_win32.bat <Path to MSVC VC> <arch>

Ex: make_test_win32.bat "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC" x86

Test: slavinfo.exe <wpcap device name>. sllaveinfo.exe will print the \Device\NPF_{xxxxxx}'s
Ex. slaveinfo.exe \Device\NPF_{735D4B45-68D6-47A6-B826-E0DA26AC761A}

Version 1.1.2 : 2008-12-23
- First public release
Version 1.1.3 : 2009-01-18
- Added CoE, RxPDO and TxPDO (still Beta)
- Added FoE, Read and Write (still Beta)
- Fixed BigEndian conversion missing in ethercatconfig.c (credit:Serge Bloch)
- Fixed segmented transfer bug in ethercatcoe.c
Version 1.1.4 : 2009-04-22
- Changed FMMU configuration algorithm
- Changed ec_slave structure around SM and FMMU storage
- Added SYNC1 configuration
- Fixed bug in FoE write
Version 1.2.0 : 2009-09-12
- Changed the license to GPLv2 only
- Added note to usage terms (please read carefully)
- Eeprom acces is released to slave after preop
- Fixed linux-64 define bug (uint32 and int32)
- Fixed maximum frame size
Version 1.2.2 : 2010-02-22
- Fixed bugs in ec_adddatagram.
- Fixed several bugs in CoE object dictionary read functions.
- Fixed bug in PDO mapping read function.
- Changed ec_slave structure around topology and delay variables.
- Added several constants in ethercattype.c
Version 1.2.3 : 2010-03-07
- Clear SM enable if size is 0, even if enable is set in SII.
- Fixed bug in DC propagation delay calculation. Branches with only non DC slaves now correctly close root port.
- Fixed bug in ec_receive_processdata(), wkc now checks for EC_NOFRAME instead of 0.
- Fixed bug in makefile
Version 1.2.4 : 2010-04-10
- Added SoE, servo over EtherCAT support.
- Added SoE read request and write request.
- Added SoE segmented transfers.
- Added SoE error response.
- Added SoE errors to print module.
- Added Auto config of SoE process data.
Version 1.2.5 : 2011-06-13
- Added eepromtool, it can read and write the ESC eeprom of a designated slave.
- Rewrite of eeprom read/write functions.
- Added infrastructure change to allow slave groups.
- Added recovery and reconfiguration of slaves after connection loss.
- Improved CoE PDO assignment read from slaves, no longer assume assign indexes as functionally fixed.
- Fixed bugs in ec_config_map().
- Added EC_STATE_BOOT constant.
- Fixed mailbox size bug, In and Out mailbox can now be of different size.
- Fixed SM type bug.
- Fixed FoE bugs.
- Fixed siigetbyte() unaligned copy.
- Fixed bug in nicdrv.c, socket handles are 0 included.
- Fixed bug in ethercatconfig.c causing memory corruption.
Version 1.2.8 : 2012-06-14
- Changed directory structure.
- Changed make file.
- Moved hardware / OS dependend part in separate directories.
- Added firm_update tool to upload firmware to slaves in Boot state, use with care.
- Added DC for LRD/LWR case.
- Separated expectedWKC to inputsWKC and outputsWKC.
- Added PreOP->SafeOP hooks in configuration functions.
- With CoE use expedited download if mailbox size is very small and object <= 4 bytes.
- Fixed NetX mailbox configuration behaviour.
- Fixed FoE write bug.
- Added mailbox error handling.
- Fixed SII string read bug.
- Fixed bug in table lookup for printing
- Rewrite of ec_recover_slave() and ec_reconfigure_slave()
- Added -map option in slaveinfo, shows SOEM IO mapping of all slaves found.
Version 1.3.0 : 2013-02-24
- Added win32 target.
- Added rtk target.
- Compiles under gcc / visual-c / borland-c.
- Multiple port support. One master can run concurrent stacks on multiple network ports.
- All global vars are encapsulated in context struct.
- All timing abstracted in osal.c.
- Linux timing converted to get_clock(CLOCK_MONOTONIC).
- Error messages updated to latest ETG1020 document.
- FoE transfers now support busy response.
- Fixed NetX100 configuration behaviour.
- Fixed linux gettimeofday() to get_clock().
- Fixed eeprom cache flush on reinit.
- Fixed make for new gcc linker version.

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