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Package Description

The ros_monitoring package

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  • Andre Luis Frana


  • Andre Luis Frana


This ROS package is intended to collect data from topics, transform, store, manage and send them to a MongoDB server. Being designed to maintain the collection even in connection drops with the server.


To install this ROS package:

cd ~/catkin_ws/src
git clone
sudo chmod +x src/get*
cd ..

Installation of node_monitoring is recommended. Check the link:

Get the ROS running nodes (

This package is intended to get the running nodes and connections between them. Publishing a message of type NodesInformation from ros_monitoring, in the publisher /nodesStatus

Published information (/nodesStatus)

The information published by this node is as follows:

    nodes:  [{
        node: -- node string
        publications: [{
            topic:    -- topic string
            msg_type: -- message string
        }, ...],
        subscriptions: [{
            topic:    -- topic string
            msg_type: -- message string
        }, ...],
        services: [ -- node string, ...]
    }, ...]

Get the connection with an IP and port (

This topic should get the connection status between the computer running ROS, with other IPs pings periodically. The information is published in a message of type SignalInformation from ros_monitoring in the publisher /connectionStatus.

pinglist (

To configure which IPs the node will ping, you must edit the file, which is a dictionary in the following format:

    'ip':       -- IP to string
    'port':         -- Port to integer
    'interval': -- Ping integer
    'timeout':  -- Timeout integer
    'count':    -- Number of integer

Published information (/connectionStatus)

The information published by this node is as follows:

    Info_ping: [{
        is_alive:         -- The status of integer
        packets_sent:     -- Number of sent integer
        packets_loss:     -- Number of loss integer
        packets_received: -- Number of received integer
        port:             -- Port it was sent integer
        rtt_max:      -- Maximum connection float
        rtt_min:      -- Minimum connection float
        rtt_avg:      -- Average connection float
        ip_target:    -- IP it was string
        }, ...]

More information

This package was developed as part of the thesis for a Master in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Electrical Engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragan├ža (IPB), the work was developed at the Research Centre in Digitalization and Intelligent Robotics (CeDRI). The project consists of three repositories with the links below:


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