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Android/ROS Applications

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  • Kazuto Murase


  • Kazuto Murase

jsk_android_apps Circle CI

For users

Download Android Apps from Google Play

Description of App pages tells how to use these apps, but you can also find them from direct link.


Generate QR code to tell ROS_MASTER_URI to the android apps

Inputting ROS_MASTER_URI whenever you launch the app may painful. You can generate QR code for your ROS_MASTER_URI as follows:

sudo apt-get install qrencode imagemagick ros-$ROS_DISTRO-jsk-tools
source /opt/ros/indigo/setup.bash
export ROS_MASTER_URI=http://$ROS_IP:11311
qrencode -o /tmp/master-$$.png -s 8 $ROS_MASTER_URI
convert /tmp/master-$$.png -background white -extent 264x274 -pointsize 18 -fill black -gravity center -draw "text 0,122 '$ROS_MASTER_URI'"  ros_master_uri.png


When android app connect to the node running on your computer, the android device must resolve the hostname of your machine. If it is not the case, you need to set ROS_IP using IP address.

rossetip command in jsk_tools package may help to set appropriate ROS_IP.

For Developers

Generate apk in CircleCI

Any Pull Request generate apk and store them as an artifacts, go and check at the CircleCI page (

Once the PR is merged to master and had new version, Meta information and apk is automatically upload to the Google Play Store.

Working on your Computer


  • If you installed android SDK and set ANDROID_HOME environment variable, then catkin build jsk_android_apps will compile apk

How to generate apk from command line

  1. Generate debug version of apk

    roscd jsk_android_apps
    ./gradlew assembleDebug
    find -iname '*-debug.apk' -print 
  2. Generate signed version of apk

put your key.json file under jsk_android_apps and run following commands:

    roscd jsk_android_apps
    ./gradlew assembleRelease
    PASSWORD='89....x2' ./gradlew assembleRelease
    find -iname '*-release.apk' -print 

How to update information on GooglePlay store

see Play Store Metadata for more information

    PASSWORD='89....x2' ./gradlew publishListingRelease

How to send apk to GooglePlay store

    PASSWORD='89....x2' ./gradlew publishApkRelease

Changelog for package jsk_android_apps

0.0.2 (2015-11-29)

  • jsk_android_apps: add key.json.pgp and use them in circleci
  • jsk_android_apps: update
  • android_sensor_message: updagte full description
  • android_sensor_message: add icon and upload them
  • android_camera_viewer: add images to upload
  • android_camera_viewer : update icon using
  • audio_camera_viewer: update fulldescription
  • android_image_view: upload images
  • android_image_view: update icon using
  • android_image_view: update fulldescription
  • android_voice_message: upload images
  • android_voice_message: update full description
  • android_voice_message: update icon data using
  • add to jsk_android_apps
  • jsk_android_apps: update src/main/play/en-US/listing
  • jsk_android_apps: add gradle-play-publisher
  • jsk_android_apps: rename application name
  • jsk_android_apps: use git version and number
  • add jsk-release-key.keystore and support assembleRelease
  • CMakeLists.txt : do not install if ANDROID_HOME is not set
  • jsk_android_apps: compile android apps only when ANDROID_HOME is set
  • android_sensor_message: add RibbonMenuView and resources
  • android_image_view: use TouchEvent of jsk_gui_msgs
  • android_voice_message: update for newer gradlew
  • android_sensor_message: update for newer gradlew
  • android_image_view: update for newer gradlew
  • android_camera_viewer: update for newer gradlew
  • update gradle scripts
  • add jsk_android_apps package
  • move android apps under jsk_android_apps
  • recover from the dead recognition
  • add eternal mode to android voice message
  • add a package for app_chooser
  • msg add forget
  • update message for touch event. please gradlew debug on rosjava_core
  • fix directory location
  • add android_image_view
  • fixed the bug
  • del backup file
  • add function to publish raw-sound data
  • rename service name
  • add function to scroll view
  • fixed layout of android_camera_viewer
  • add ribbon-menu to android_sensor_message
  • fixed conflict code
  • fixed android_camera_viewer for tablet users.
  • update android_sensor_message
  • update android_camera_viewer by murase to publish and subscribe audio_msg
  • update android_voice_message by murase. Change user interface.
  • fix message variable name
  • remove android_gingerbread_mr1_tmp, create symlink from android_core
  • outout launchdoc-generator to build directry to avoid svn confrict
  • add android_voice_message
  • add android_sensor_message
  • revise android_camera_viewer
  • add android_camera_viewer
  • Contributors: Kei Okada, Haseru Chen, Kazuto Murase, Shinichiro Noda, Youhei Kakiuchi

0.0.1 (2015-11-27)

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