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Version 0.2.8
License BSD-3

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Last Updated 2024-05-14
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Package Description

Clearpath Configuration YAML Parser and Writer

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  • Luis Camero


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Clearpath Configuration YAML Parser

Find documentation on the Clearpath Configuration YAML and more about the Clearpath ROS 2 System on the Clearpath Documentation webpage.

Configration Examples

Under the sample folder there are example configurations that can be used as the starting point of your robot.yaml.

Unit Tests

All unit tests are written using PyTest following the Good Integration Practices.

Therefore, clearpath_config_test is a package that mirrors the clearpath_config package structure. Each file from clearpath_config that is to be tested should have a corresponding file with the same name and the suffix

To run the tests:

cd .../clearpath_config
python3 -m pytest

PyTest will automatically search for the suffix _test throughout the current directory and run the tests.


Changelog for package clearpath_config

0.2.8 (2024-05-14)

  • Renamed node to intel_realsense in config
  • Contributors: Luis Camero

0.2.7 (2024-04-08)

  • Re-added host and namespace
  • W200 attachments default to 0
  • Minimal samples.
  • Removed long line
  • Added launch to extras
  • Contributors: Luis Camero

0.2.6 (2024-03-18)

  • Switched local server to be referenced as loopback in the ROS_DISCOVERY_SERVER envar
  • Add discovery server support
  • assertion error if the hostname is blank (otherwise causes an invalid index exception)
  • Add localhost field which is set automatically
  • Reformat hosts section to single list of all computers
  • Contributors: Hilary Luo

0.2.5 (2024-03-06)

  • Add republishers to camera
  • Added battery launch arguments to support launching the valence bms node
  • Fix ros_parameters
  • Contributors: Hilary Luo, Luis Camero

0.2.4 (2024-01-22)

  • Install the W200 samples.
  • Fixed j100 and w200 laser sample
  • Contributors: Roni Kreinin, Tony Baltovski

0.2.3 (2024-01-10)

  • Give option to get topic without namespace
  • Contributors: Hilary Luo

0.2.2 (2024-01-08)

  • Fix how blank urdf extras is handled
  • Contributors: Hilary Luo

0.2.1 (2024-01-04)

  • Find packages for meshes / extras urdf (#45)
    • Allow meshes visual and extras urdf to be linked using find package functionality
  • Contributors: Hilary Luo

0.2.0 (2023-12-07)

  • Added wheel parameter to platform
  • Fixed typo
  • Added dd150 samples
  • Added dd100 samples
  • Fixed origin of pacs mounts
  • Renamed SLA on Dingo
  • Added entries for all dingo
  • Updated sample to match attachments rework
  • Fixed merge issues
  • Added more warthog samples
  • Updated sample default_mount
  • Removed duplicate
  • Added W200 attachments
  • Updated default mounts on j100
  • Updated default mounts on a200
  • Changed default parent link to default_mount
  • Changed the parent link of attachments
  • Removed blannk line
  • Removed top_plate from tests
  • Updated samples
  • Common attachments accross platforms
  • Concatenate lists
  • Updated all platform attachments
  • Updated base attachment
  • Attachments now list
  • Updated Attachments to more genric case
  • Removed specific attachment classes
  • Remove all from list
  • Accessory from/to dict
  • Fixed long line for linter
  • Moved username out of ros2 section
  • Re-define DEFAULTS based on platform
  • Detailed errors
  • Fixed typo in samples
  • Updated battery model
  • Switched configurations
  • Update commit
  • Revert \"Added battery to platform\" This reverts commit fce11835ca8d6c477890084761075b5b46532bf2.
  • Added battery to platform
  • Added control section
  • Consistent naming
  • Added topics to base and fixed typos
  • Added get_topic and get_topic_rate
  • Added TOPICS and get_topic
  • Added description and launch to generic robot platform
  • Added Warthog without Attachments or ROS Parameters
  • Contributors: Luis Camero, luis-camero

0.1.1 (2023-10-02)

  • Removed micro_ros_ws
  • Velodyne changes
  • clearpath_config/sensors/types/
  • FPS expected as float
  • Added ros_parameter_template
  • Contributors: Hilary Luo, Luis Camero

0.1.0 (2023-08-31)

  • Updated samples to include workspace
  • Contributors: Luis Camero

0.0.6 (2023-08-10)

  • Added all modules to
  • Removed J100 bumpers from samples
  • Updated sample configs
  • Added posts and disks to samples
  • Removed unused include
  • Split tower into post and disk
  • Renamed ust10 to ust
  • Updated README
  • Updated samples
  • Removed eof line
  • Fixed port paths
  • Added fenders, default disabled
  • Added ROS CI, issue templates and codeowners.
  • Added sick stand and variable-leg tower
  • Added UM7/UM6
  • Contributors: Luis Camero, Tony Baltovski

0.0.5 (2023-07-31)

  • Split novatel GPS
  • PyTest issues
  • Linter issues
  • Node names and flatten dictionaries
  • Added ros_parameters to extras
  • Added Garmin and Novatel gps
  • Added node names to rosparameters in sensors
  • Update hostname and namespace to match serial
  • Resolved indexing issue
  • Contributors: Luis Camero

0.0.4 (2023-07-17)

  • Added __init_ to common
  • Only run pytest on clearpath_config
  • Linting errors
  • Added samples to installed share
  • Removed parser
  • Updated pytests
  • Renamed configs
  • Added license file
  • Added license headers
  • Renamed accessories to links in top level config
  • Replaced accessories module with links
  • Renamed decorations and accessories
  • Standard lists
  • Removed all old samples
  • Added workspace setter
  • Added workspaces
  • Fixed rpy type
  • Removed copy
  • Contributors: Luis Camero

0.0.3 (2023-07-06)

  • Fixed parsing issues
  • Added python3-yaml to dependencies
  • Removed old parser
  • Removed unused code
  • Added updates to change indexing based on serial number
  • Added sensors to property system
  • Added __init_ to all subfolders
  • Added mounts to main config
  • Moved mount types to separate folder
  • Added read and write functions to ClearpathConfig
  • Added accessories to property method
  • Updated all configs to use properties instead of setters
  • Updated base config to use properties to update config
  • Updated clearpath config to property setters
  • Removed old common and updated serial number type
  • Updated system to use global serial number
  • Updated platform to property setters
  • Changed System config to property setters
  • Contributors: Luis Camero

0.0.2 (2023-06-12)

  • Fixed gps indexing
  • Added system ROS2 parameters
  • Decorations enabled by default
  • Added resource and package.xml to install data files
  • Contributors: Luis Camero

0.0.1 (2023-05-04)

  • Merge pull request #17 from clearpathrobotics/readme Updated README with up-to-date configs
  • Merge pull request #16 from clearpathrobotics/ros2 ROS2 Package
  • Merge pull request #15 from clearpathrobotics/controller Controller
  • Merge pull request #14 from clearpathrobotics/accessory Accessory
  • Add metadatat to
  • Added ROS tests
  • Updated cfg with install directories
  • Added package.xml
  • Fixed decoration parser
  • Fixed Decoration parsing
  • Linter errors
  • Added controller
  • Added Accessories to YAML
  • Added all lists for Accessories
  • Fixed type assertion
  • Updated link to common BaseAccessory
  • Added visual file path
  • Added check for triple values
  • Add Mesh
  • Added Sphere
  • Added Cylinder
  • Added Box
  • Added
  • BaseAccessory
  • Updated sample config
  • Added to decorations
  • Set \'None\' does nothing
  • Decorations are now Accessories
  • Merge pull request #13 from clearpathrobotics/gps Added GPS
  • Default microstrain port to
  • Added Fixed and Target frame to Velodyne
  • Fixed GPS ros_parameter keys
  • Merge pull request #12 from clearpathrobotics/lidar_3d Lidar3D
  • Added GPS
  • Added Lidar3D to sample config
  • Parse Lidar3D
  • Added lidar3d
  • Updated Port to ensure always stores
  • Merge pull request #11 from clearpathrobotics/imu IMU
  • Add IMU to get_all_sensors
  • Merge pull request #10 from clearpathrobotics/ros_parameters ROS Parameters
  • Added check to increment IMU index
  • Added IMU to sample A200 config
  • Minor fix to return type
  • Added IMU to parser
  • Removed checking for nested parameters (assume flattened ros_parameters)
  • Flatten ros_parameters dict
  • Added flatten dict
  • Added to Realsense
  • Fixed camera return type
  • Initial IMU commit
  • Added frame_id to parser
  • Fixed comments
  • Added FRAME_ID
  • Added ros_parameters to config
  • Parse ros_parameters
  • Added ros_parameters
  • Merge pull request #9 from clearpathrobotics/indexing Indexing
  • Added ros_parameters as empty dict
  • Added empty config
  • Mounts, sensors, and decorations no longer required
  • Sensors use IndexedAccessory and can have first index changed
  • All mounts have indexes
  • Created IndexedAccessory as base to all iterable accessories
  • Use built-in set and get for idx
  • Merge pull request #8 from clearpathrobotics/wip-iterable-sensors Iterable Sensors
  • Removed tests for older versions of python
  • Fixed imports for Decoration tests
  • Manufacturer names added to sensor models and class names
  • Sensor Types and Sensor Models
  • Updated setuptools
  • Fixed get_all_sensors
  • Added __init__
  • added sensors to clearpath config
  • Added sensors to the parser
  • Fixed bug in get function
  • Added OrderedList of sensors with access functions
  • Added sensors
  • Added sub-type models
  • Added Port class
  • Added Base class for lidars and cameras
  • Added sensors
  • Added Topic, URDF Enable, and Launch Enable to BaseSensor
  • Init Sensors
  • Merge pull request #7 from clearpathrobotics/wip-iterables Iterables
  • Removed height from Husky sample
  • Updated A200 sample
  • Added get_enabled
  • Added method to retrieve all decorations
  • Added Decoration.NEW class
  • Added method to retrieve all mounts
  • Set decorations to enabled if not specified but exist
  • Fixed top plate in parser
  • Added BaseDecoration; by default disabled
  • Added __init_ to mounts
  • Updated A200 sample
  • Fixed key error print statement
  • Upgraded parser to match new mounts
  • Removed name as required argument
  • Completely disabled all PACS testing
  • Removed \'pacs_\' prefix from brackets and risers
  • BaseMount no longer requires a name, default to index
  • Clear OrderedConfigList if empty list is set
  • Updated sample to new mount iterables
  • Added mounts as individual ordered lists
  • Moved ListConfig and all PACS from the Platform base
  • Removed PACS from platform
  • Removed name as a default parameter
  • Added name from id to BaseMount
  • Added OrderedListConfig
  • Removed mounting link from fath and flir moutns
  • Removed mounting link and model
  • Added uid checks to ListConfig
  • Split up mounts
  • Added get and set methods for individual mounts
  • Small lint fixes in common
  • Removed mount pseudo namespace
  • Updated remove function
  • Moved ListConfig
  • Fixed lint errors in mounts
  • Fixed lint errors in clearpath_config
  • Removed PACS Config testers
  • Switched parser to new decorations config
  • Updated path to base decorations config
  • Updated path to config in Platform
  • Updated J100 to iterable decorations
  • Updated A200 to iterable decorations
  • Fixed assertion indenting
  • Removed unused imports
  • Fixed assertion indenting
  • Added get and set functions to ListConfig
  • Removed PACS specific configs
  • Added base decorations config
  • Removed unecessary platform specific decorations
  • Merge pull request #5 from clearpathrobotics/wip-mounts Mounts: Flir PTU and Fath Pivot
  • Fixed merge issues
  • Added mounts config
  • Added mounts to sample config
  • Added platform parser
  • Added check to Accessory
  • Merge branch \'main\' of into main
  • Remove old test config yaml
  • Merge pull request #4 from clearpathrobotics/wip-lint Lint Errors and Warnings
  • Increased flake8 line length to 100
  • Fixed all lint errors
  • Merge pull request #3 from clearpathrobotics/wip-tests Moved tests into the clearpath_config package
  • Added PyYaml
  • Added pytest-cov
  • Create python-package.yml
  • Moved tests into the clearpath_config package
  • Merge pull request #2 from clearpathrobotics/wip-platform Added Platform and Updated Parser
  • Added init files to submodules
  • Updated setuptools
  • Removed unused unittest dependency
  • Added platform config tests
  • Added sets to all PACS parts and configs
  • Added checks on bumper extension
  • Renamed genx to generic in platform
  • Renamed genx to generic in common
  • Renamed GENX to generic
  • Added a200 and j100 sample config
  • Added J100 to parser
  • Changed import path to match new file structure
  • Added A200, J100, and GENX (generic)
  • Moved platform and system to new folder structure
  • Changed parser to math new folder structure
  • Fixed RPY and XYZ setters
  • Changed import for the new folder structure
  • Platforms referenced only by product code, i.e. A200, to avoid version issues
  • Use setters to initialize Accessory
  • Merge pull request #1 from clearpathrobotics/wip-object-structure Split Parsing and Config Containers
  • Updated sample config to match changes
  • Added extras to parser
  • Default extras file paths set to empty strings
  • Fixed File class __str_ method
  • Moved everything out of Parser class, and added Parser suffix
  • Swap to multi-class inheritance for PACS configs
  • Removed parsing from clearpath_config
  • Fixed bugs in setting remotes
  • Added Platform Config, Only Husky and Jackal
  • Changed prefix to name
  • Added Accessory class
  • Added Platform to common
  • Added File and SerialNumber classes
  • Added proper spacing
  • Added too many fields test
  • Regex expression set to raw string
  • Fixed SystemConfig init
  • Added check that hostname must be str
  • Fixed initialization of HostConfig
  • Removed checks from parser
  • Added UnitTest information to README
  • Removed utils
  • Added tests for SystemConfig
  • Moved all class files out of base
  • Added keys
  • Moved version
  • Initial config parser structure
  • Initial commit
  • Contributors: Luis Camero, luis-camero

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