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New Eagle Raptor DBW (drive-by-wire) ROS interface

This repository contains a collection of ROS packages, which allow DBW kit developers to quickly implement a generic ROS node for interacting with the New Eagle Raptor controller.

This ROS1 repository is NOT under active development. New Eagle recommends using ROS2 repository raptor-dbw-ros2.

The current development branch is master and targets ROS kinetic and melodic.

ROS Kinetic: Build Status

ROS Melodic: Build Status

For more on New Eagle Raptor controllers see:


  • can_dbc_parser - module for handling everything related to translating CAN messages to ROS
  • raptor_dbw_can - DBW CAN driver
  • raptor_dbw_joystick_demo - a demo that allows you to use a game controller to interact with the DBW ROS node
  • raptor_dbw_joystick_speed_demo - a demo that allows you to use a game controller to interact with the DBW ROS node
  • raptor_dbw_msgs - DBW ROS message definitions
  • raptor_dbw - ROS metapackage encapsulating the other packages in this group
  • pdu - power distribution unit (PDU) driver. The PDU is a separate CAN-enabled device that's part of New Eagle's product line.
  • pdu_msg - PDU ROS message definitions

Installing and building

Official Release

This repository is no longer being actively developed & will not be officially released.

Building from source

While we are working on releasing these packages through the ROS buildfarm, you can build them from source using a catkin workspace and following these steps:

  1. Create and initialize a new catkin workspace if you don't already have one. Instructions below assume the workspace was created in catkin_ws.
  2. cd catkin_ws/src
  3. git clone
  4. cd ..
  5. catkin_make


Running the joystick demo

Prerequisites: * a game controller compatible with the ROS joy driver * a Kvaser CAN adapter

  1. cd catkin_ws
  2. source devel/setup.bash
  3. roslaunch raptor_dbw_joystick_demo joystick_demo.launch


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