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nonpersistent_voxel_layer 1.1.3


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ROS drop in replacement to the voxel layer which does not persist readings through iterations when ray tracing or map maintenance is undesirable.

Bloom released, install via

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install ros-kinetic-nonpersistent-voxel-layer

Created in response to need for a rolling local costmap layer to not persist readings due to a specific sensor being used. After looking through the community, it seems several people on ros answers have asked for a similar tool. This is to make that possible. This also helps with sensors like sonars, blob marking, radars, etc that aren't dense enough to clear effectively.

Build and tested on ROS1 Kinetic, verified working in Indigo and Melodic

Example Use

in costmap commons

  enabled:              true
  track_unknown_space:  true
  max_obstacle_height:  1.8
  unknown_threshold:    15
  mark_threshold:       2
  combination_method:   1
  obstacle_range: 3.0
  origin_z: 0.
  z_resolution: 0.05
  z_voxels: 16
  publish_voxel_map: true
  observation_sources: rgbd
    data_type: PointCloud2
    topic: camera/depth/points
    marking: true
    min_obstacle_height: 0.7
    max_obstacle_height: 1.7

in list of plugins for local/global

 - {name: nonpersisting_obstacle_layer, type: "costmap_2d::NonPersistentVoxelLayer"}


Parameters as the same as found in the voxel layer, except the clearing bits. See the Voxel Layer API. The above example is a good minimum working example