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Name Version
mrp2_analyzer 0.2.3
mrp2_common 0.2.3
mrp2_control 0.2.3
mrp2_description 0.2.3
mrp2_navigation 0.2.3


MRP2 Common ROS Packages

This repository contains common ROS packages for MRP2 Robot. These packages are needed for both the robot itself and the simulation. This version has ros_control implemented with additional built-in packages developed by the community.

1. Active Packages

  • mrp2_analyzer
  • mrp2_common
  • mrp2_control
  • mrp2_description
  • mrp2_navigation

2. Information on Packages

2.1. mrp2_analyzer

This package is used for diagnostic purposes. It makes use of diagnostic_aggregator and publishes states of right and left motors, battery and lights.

2.2. mrp2_common

This is the metapackage only. No other applications.

2.3. mrp2_control

This package contains teleoperation and ros_control related launch files and configurations.

2.4. mrp2_description

This package has URDF and xacro files for description of MRP2. Both gazebo and ros_control use this package for visualization and navigation purposes.

2.5. mrp2_navigation

This package includes launch files, parameters and maps for different navigation applications.


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