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Last Updated 2018-03-21
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dartsim 6.3.1


DART: Dynamic Animation and Robotics Toolkit

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Visit the DART website for more information * Gallery * Installation: Ubuntu | macOS | Windows * Tutorials * API Documentation * Python bindings: PyDart2, dartpy (experimental) * OpenAI Gym with DART support: DartEnv * If you use DART in an academic publication, please consider citing this JOSS Paper. [BibTeX]


How to Contribute to DART?

Opening a GitHub pull request would be the best way. Please make sure that your code follows DART conventions.

The code doesn't need to be perfect right away, feel free to post work-in-progress versions to get the discussion started.

DART Contributors

Name Contributions
C. Karen Liu project creator, multibody dynamics, constraint resolution, tutorials
Mike Stilman project creator
Jeongseok Lee project director, multibody dynamics, constraint resolution, collision detection, tutorials
Michael X. Grey project director, extensive API improvements, inverse kinematics, gui::osg, tutorials
Tobias Kunz former project director, motion planner
Sumit Jain multibody dynamics
Yuting Ye multibody dynamics, GUI
Michael Koval uri, resource retriever, bug fixes
Ana C. Huamán Quispe urdf parser
Chen Tang collision detection
Matthew Dutton build and bug fixes
Eric Huang build and bug fixes
Pushkar Kolhe early DART build system design
Saul Reynolds-Haertle examples, bug fixes
Arash Rouhani build fixes
Kristin Siu integrators, bug fixes
Steven Peters build improvements and fixes
Can Erdogan planning, examples
Jie Tan lcp solver, renderer
Yunfei Bai build and bug fixes
Konstantinos Chatzilygeroudis build and bug fixes
Sehoon Ha early DART data structure design, pydart
Donny Ward build fix
Andrew Price build fix
Eric Tobis build fix
Jonathan Martin build fix
Jia Ye Li fix typo of tutorials
Benjamin Chrétien bug fix
Olzhas Adiyatov bug fix
José Luis Rivero build, especially for Debian
Jonathan Scholz build fix
John Turgeson mesh model

You can find a detailed contribution history in here.