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The simple web frontend for app_manager

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  • Yuki Furuta


  • Yuki Furuta


App chooser client for web browsing device


  1. Launch sample file
    roslaunch rwt_app_chooser sample.launch

  1. You can now access to rwt_app_chooser page from http://localhost:8000/rwt_app_chooser/

You will see following main page, then add "ADD ROBOT" button.


As for example, you can choose any robot type and name, but you need to set ws://localhost:9090 for Robot URI

Then You will choose robot which you just added.


Finally, you can see following task launch page. Clock the 'Hello World' Button.



  1. (On Robot) Launch app manager
    roscore &
    rosparam set robot/type pr2     # aet robot type as rosparam
    rosparam set robot/name pr1012  # set robot name as rosparam
    roslaunch rwt_app_chooser app_manager.launch

You can use custom installed app list by:
    roslaunch rwt_app_chooser app_manager.launch app_list:=/path/to/applist_dir

  1. (On Server) Launch rwt_app_chooser server
    roslaunch rwt_app_chooser rwt_app_chooser.launch

This can be run on the robot

Register Your App (Optional)

This section explains how to register your app to app chooser.


  • Your desired app name (e.g. myapp)
  • Your own package (e.g. mypkg)
  • Your own launch file (e.g. myapp.launch)
  • Image for icon (e.g. myapp.png)

Create an App

  1. First, locate your package, then create apps directory
    roscd mypkg
    mkdir apps && cd apps

  1. Next, create a directory of your desired application and put launch / icon files there.
    mkdir myapp
    cp /path/to/myapp.launch myapp
    cp /path/to/myapp.png myapp

  1. Then define the description of your app

    There are two files that describe your app, and myapp.interface. defines information and location to the files for app that are loaded by app_manager. The content looks like below:

    display: My Application
    description: This is just my awesome application
    platform: pr2
    launch: mypkg/myapp.launch
    interface: mypkg/myapp.interface
    icon: mypkg/myapp.png

`myapp.interface` should look like below:
      /processed/image: sensor_msgs/Image
      /camera/rgb/image_rect_color: sensor_msgs/Image

Congradurations! You just created your own app!
Now you have four files in the app directory:
    $ ls myapp.interface myapp.launch myapp.png

  1. Register created app to the manager

    To call your app via app chooser, you need to add your app to the list. Edit apps.installed file in your applist directory and add your app.

      - app: rwt_app_chooser/hello_world
        display: Hello World
    +  - app: mypkg/myapp
    +    display: My application of mypkg

Now you should find your app in app chooser. Enjoy! You can see a sample in sample/apps Directory.


Yuki Furuta <>

Changelog for package rwt_app_chooser

0.0.5 (2021-03-12)

0.0.4 (2021-03-09)

  • Register app running user name in rwt_app_chooser (#95)
  • [rwt_app_chooser] add hrp2, baxter and fetch icons (#87)
  • rwt_app_chooser: fix typo in (#71)
  • update readme / add sample app (#67)
  • Contributors: Yuki Furuta, Shingo Kitagawa

0.0.3 (2016-10-01 15:52)

0.0.2 (2016-10-01 15:20)

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