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Last Updated 2022-06-20
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Metapackage for the iRobot(R) Create(R) 3 robot Ignition simulator

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Changelog for package irobot_create_ignition_sim

1.0.1 (2022-04-12)

  • add boost as explicit dependency and remove unnneded boost usage (#175)
    • add boost as explicit dependency and remove unnneded boost usage
    • do not search for boost component in Boost library

1.0.0 (2022-03-31)

  • Split irobot_create_toolbox (#153)
    • rename irobot_create_toolbox into irobot_create_nodes
    • move common utilities to irobot_create_toolbox
    • register irobot_create_nodes as rclcpp_components
    • update readme
    • use new node names in parameter files
    • remove declare parameter utility and fix linter tests
  • Ignition Gazebo support (#144)

    • Updated URDF to work with both gazebo classic and ignition:
    • Added gazebo arg to create3.urdf.xacro and standard_dock.urdf.xacro. This arg sets which gazebo version to use.
    • Added ray sensor macro which creates the correct sensor given the gazebo arg
    • Added ignition plugins when gazebo=ignition
    • Adjusted front caster position to better align with the create3 model
    • Adjusted wheeldrop spring stiffness to compensate for the front caster position change
    • Launch joint_state_publisher and diffdrive_controller only in classic

    * Use joint_state_publisher for both ignition and classic Cleaned up gazebo launch arg Adjusted front caster position - Simulation -> simulator - Added irobot_create_ignition packages - Fixed some linter warnings - Removed joint state publisher from ros_ign_bridge - - Reorganized packages - Shifted center of gravity of create3 forwards by 22.8 mm - Added min/max velocity and acceleration to diff drive plugin

    * Moved to irobot_create_gazebo Created new for irobot_create_ignition - Update - Added ignition edifice repos for source installation - Create - Added missing dependency

    * Renamed dock to standard_dock Center of gravity offset only applied in ignition for now - Fixed Linter errors

    * Updated README to have installation and example instructions for both Ignition and Classic Moved .repos files to the root of the repository - Ignition and Gazebo packages are now optional and only built if the required dependencies are installed - Made ros_ign_interfaces optional in irobot_create_ignition_bringup - fix license and minor changes to CMake and README - Interface buttons mock publisher not used in Ignition sim

    * Fixed linter errors Co-authored-by: Alberto Soragna <>

  • Contributors: Alberto Soragna, roni-kreinin

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