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New Eagle Raptor DBW (drive-by-wire) ROS interface

This repository contains a collection of ROS packages, which allow DBW kit developers to quickly implement a generic ROS node for interacting with the New Eagle Raptor controller.

The current development branch is master and targets ROS kinetic and melodic.

ROS Kinetic: Build Status

ROS Melodic: Build Status

For more on New Eagle Raptor controllers see:


  • can_dbc_parser - module for handling everything related to translating CAN messages to ROS
  • raptor_dbw_can - DBW CAN driver
  • raptor_dbw_joystick_demo - a demo that allows you to use a game controller to interact with the DBW ROS node
  • raptor_dbw_joystick_speed_demo - a demo that allows you to use a game controller to interact with the DBW ROS node
  • raptor_dbw_msgs - DBW ROS message definitions
  • raptor_dbw - ROS metapackage encapsulating the other packages in this group
  • pdu - power distribution unit (PDU) driver. The PDU is a separate CAN-enabled device that's part of New Eagle's product line.
  • pdu_msg - PDU ROS message definitions

Installing and building

Official Release

(Coming soon)

Building from source

While we are working on releasing these packages through the ROS buildfarm, you can build them from source using a catkin workspace and following these steps:

  1. Create and initialize a new catkin workspace if you don't already have one. Instructions below assume the workspace was created in catkin_ws.
  2. cd catkin_ws/src
  3. git clone
  4. cd ..
  5. catkin_make


Running the joystick demo

Prerequisites: * a game controller compatible with the ROS joy driver * a Kvaser CAN adapter

  1. cd catkin_ws
  2. source devel/setup.bash
  3. roslaunch raptor_dbw_joystick_demo joystick_demo.launch


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