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maliput_viz 0.1.1





maliput_viz package is part of the Maliput family. It offers a visualizer for analyzing the road networks.

Note: For full information about Maliput please visit Maliput Documentation.

How to use it

maliput_viz application is provided by maliput_viz package.

After installation simply run:


In the top-right of the window options about the road network loading can be found:

maliput_viz uses the maliput plugin architecture for loading the maliput backends in runtime.

In general, each backend would receive a set of parameters that defines the behavior of the road network loader. For example, in the maliput_malidrive backend, the opendrive_file parameter holds the path to a XODR map file.

When a backend is selected, the default parameter set for it is filled up. The user can add, edit or remove any parameter as they please.

After hitting the Load Road Network button, the correspondent backend will load up a maliput RoadNetwork and it will be displayed.

The UI provides several options for changing visibilities of the meshes and also providing useful information about several things like: lane description, rules and phases, among others.


The following video shows a maliput Road Network being loaded using maliput_malidrive backend. Besides the XODR files for the RoadGeometry, also other entities are being loaded to complete the RoadNetwork such as: RuleRegistry, RoadRulebook, TrafficLightBook and PhaseRingBook.


Supported platforms

Ubuntu Focal Fossa 20.04 LTS, ROS2 Foxy.

Binary Installation on Ubuntu

See Installation Docs.

Source Installation on Ubuntu


sudo apt install python3-rosdep python3-colcon-common-extensions


  1. Create colcon workspace if you don't have one yet.
    mkdir colcon_ws/src -p

  1. Clone this repository in the src folder
    cd colcon_ws/src
    git clone

  1. Install package dependencies via rosdep
    export ROS_DISTRO=foxy

    rosdep update
    rosdep install -i -y --rosdistro $ROS_DISTRO --from-paths src

  1. Build the package
    colcon build --packages-up-to maliput_viz

**Note**: To build documentation a `-BUILD_DOCS` cmake flag is required:
    colcon build --packages-select maliput_viz --cmake-args " -DBUILD_DOCS=On"

More info at [Building Documentation](

For further info refer to Source Installation on Ubuntu

For development

It is recommended to follow the guidelines for setting up a development workspace as described here.


Please see CONTRIBUTING page.




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