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ftm_msgs 1.0.0


The ftm_msgs package provides a recommended interface to be used when developing FTM application in ROS. The recommended interface consists of three main blocks: 1. FTMSensor - a node that performs periodic FTM measurements for a given list of FTM Responders. 2. LCIActionServer - An action server node that implements the following: - Performs an on-demand LCI requests for a given list of FTM responders - Exposes Action to perform LCI request for a list of responders - Can be configured to publish LCI measurements results to a topic. If so, publishes results to ftm/lci topic 3. LCIRegistry - An optional node implementing the following: - Stores FTM Responders data - Subscribes to ftm/lci topic in order to update its data structure - Exposes CRUD services

ftm_msgs package provides the definitions of the Messages, Services and Actions needed in order to implement the architecture described above.