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apriltag2_node 1.0.1


AprilTag 2 ROS2 Node

This ROS2 node uses the AprilTag 2 library to detect AprilTags in images and publish their pose, id and additional metadata.

For more information on AprilTag 2, the paper and the reference implementation: https://april.eecs.umich.edu/software/apriltag.html



  • /apriltag/image/compressed (type: sensor_msgs/CompressedImage, format: "jpeg" or "jpg")
  • /apriltag/image/camera_info (type: sensor_msgs/CameraInfo)


  • /tf (type: tf2_msgs/TFMessage)
  • /apriltag/detections (type: apriltag_msgs/AprilTagDetectionArray)

The camera intrinsics K in CameraInfo are used to compute the marker tag pose T from the homography H. The node sets K from the first CameraInfo message and unsubscribes after this.

The tag poses are published on the standard TF topic /tf with the header set to the image header and child_frame_id set to either <tag_family>:<id> (e.g. "36h11:0") or the frame name selected via configuration file. Additional information about detected tag is published as AprilTagDetectionArray message, which contains the original homography matrix, the goodness and the decision_margin of the detection.


The node is configured via a yaml configurations file. For the complete ROS yaml parameter file syntax, see: https://github.com/ros2/rcl/tree/master/rcl_yaml_param_parser.

The file has the format:

apriltag:                           # namespace
    apriltag2:                      # node name
            # required
            family: <tag family>    # tag family name
            size: <tag edge size>   # tag edge size in meter
            z_up: true              # rotate about x-axis to have Z pointing upwards

            # (optional) tuning of detection
            max_hamming: 0          # maximum allowed hamming distance (corrected bits)
            decimate: 1.0           # decimate resolution for quad detection
            blur: 0.0               # sigma of Gaussian blur for quad detection
            refine-edges: 1         # snap to strong gradients
            threads: 1              # number of threads
            refine-decode: 0        # increase the number of detected tags
            refine-pose: 0          # increase the accuracy of the extracted pose
            debug: 0                # write additional debugging images to current working directory

            # (optional) list of tags
                <frame name>: <id>  # tag frame name and ID
                <frame name>: <id>

The parameters family and size are required. family (string) defines the tag family for the detector and must be one of 16h5, 25h7, 25h9, 36h10, 36h11, 36artoolkit. size (float) is the tag edge size in meters, assuming square markers.

tag_lists is an optional list to map detected tag IDs to frame names. If it is provided, only the the listed tag IDs will be published, with child_frame_id set to the frame name. If not provided, the pose of all detected tags is published with a generic child_frame_id.

The remaining parameters are set to the their default values from the library. See apriltag.h for a more detailed description of their function.

See tags_16h5_all.yaml for an example configuration that publishes all markers in the 16h5 family and tags_16h5_filtered.yaml for filtering tags.

To run the node and load the configuration, pass the configuration file to __params:

ros2 run apriltag2_node apriltag2_node \
    /apriltag/image/compressed:=/camera/image/compressed \
    /apriltag/image/camera_info:=/camera/image/camera_info \
    __params:=`ros2 pkg prefix apriltag2_node`/share/apriltag2_node/cfg/tags_16h5_all.yaml