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Swarm Functions Library

The swarm functions library provides simple functionalities that enable swarm algorithms to work. It is part of the swarm library.

Behavior Library Structure

Getting Started

The behavior library is based on the latest ROS long-term support release ROS Kinetic Kame. Newer versions may also work.

To run swarm functions of this library, the abstraction library is required. The abstraction library consists of three sub-libraries: * hardware functions * sensing and actuation * hardware drivers

The communication between CPSs is based on the CPSwarm Communication Library.

Furthermore, the cpswarm_msgs are required by most packages in this library.

For detailed usage instructions, please refer to the individual ROS packages in this repository.


Contributions are welcome.

Please fork, make your changes, and submit a pull request. For major changes, please open an issue first and discuss it with the other authors.


CPSwarm This work is supported by the European Commission through the CPSwarm H2020 project under grant no. 731946.