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This package contains RTT components which can be used to wrap ros-control-based controllers.

Design Candidate A

In order to re-use as much of the ros_control architecture as possible, the RTT components provided by this package each correspond to a type of joint command interface (i.e. Effort, Velocity, Postion, etc) and include a plugin loader which can load ros-control-based controllers dynamically at runtime via RTT operations.

For example, the EffortControllerWrapper contains an EffortJointInterface and a JointStateInterface. This requires replicating a lot of the content of the ros_control controller_manager, but does not include all of the interaction with the ROS parameter server and node handles.

Design Candidate B

An alternative approach could leave all of this in, and simply instantiate a controller manager inside of an orocos component. This would be the simplest implementation, but care would need to be taken to prevent the non-real-time parts of the controller_manager from interfering with the real-time process.