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MPPT ROS Package

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ROS package for Victron Energy MPPT devices via VE-Direct Protocol from serial USB


This repository is part of my end-of-degree project as mechanical engineer at University of Almería in Spain. The aim of this project is to install a PV system into an electric vehicle, creating a data sender from the MPPT device into the ros-system.

MPPT Connection

This software is tested with a VE.Direct to USB Interface cable

How it works

At the moment, it sends the most important data from the ve-direct protocol, which are defined in mppt.msg:

  • Battery Voltage (v_bat) - float64
  • Battery Current (i_bat) - float64
  • Solar Panels Voltage (v_pv) - float64
  • Solar Panel Power (p_pv) - float64

Run roscore and

Customize the sender packets

Depending on the interested values from the serial communication interface, it is possible to define more values into the package.

MPPT valid values:

Implemented Label Units Description
V mV Main (battery) voltage
I mA Battery current
VPV mV Panel voltage
PPV W Panel power
- PID - Product ID
- SER# - Serial Number
- HSDS - Day sequence number (0...364)
- MPPT - Tracker operation mode
- ERR - Error code
- CS - State of operation
- H19 0.01 kW/h Yield Total (user resettable counter)
- H20 0.01 kW/h Yield today
- H21 W Maximum power today
- H22 0.01 kW/h Yield yesterday
- H23 W Maximum power yesterday



In progress :)

My other repositories for MPPT data management

VE Direct MPPT data reader

Visit this repository if you are looking for a ve-direct protocol registration into a file (in this case, a .xls file)

VE.Direct Protocol Documentation


  • [x] Custom ros messages sender (mppt topic)
  • [x] Log system
  • [ ] Automatic USB port identification
  • [ ] Disconnection handler with timeout requests


ros_mppt is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0, detailed in the LICENSE file.