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Object Analytics (OA) is ROS2 wrapper for realtime object tracking and 3D localization. These packages aim to provide real-time object analyses over RGB-D camera inputs, enabling ROS developer to easily create amazing robotics advanced features, like intelligent collision avoidance, people follow and semantic SLAM. It consumes sensor_msgs::PointClould2 data delivered by RGB-D camera, subscribs topic on object detection by ros2_intel_movidius_ncs, publishs topics on object tracking in 2D RGB image and object localization in 3D camera coordination system.


OA keeps integrating with various "state-of-the-art" algorithms. * Object detection offload to VPU, Intel Movidius NCS, with MobileNet SSD model and Caffe framework(TODO).

System Requirements

We support Ubuntu Linux Bionic Beaver 18.04 on 64-bit. We not support Mac OS X and Windows.

Hardware Requirements

  • Intel NUC (CPU: Intel i7-6700HQ @2.60GHz, Mem:16G)
  • Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick
  • Intel RealSense D435/D415


Install ROS2 desktop packages ros-crystal-desktop

  sudo apt-get install ros-crystal-desktop

The ros-crystal-desktop will include below packages. * ament_cmake * std_msgs * sensor_msgs * geometry_msgs * rclcpp * rosidl_default_generators * rosidl_interface_packages * launch * ros2run * class_loader * pcl_conversions

Install ROS2 dependences

  sudo apt-get install ros-crystal-cv-bridge ros-crystal-object-msgs ros-crystal-image-transport ros-crystal-librealsense2 ros-crystal-realsense-camera-msgs ros-crystal-realsense-ros2-camera

Install ros2_intel_movidius

ros2_intel_movidius has not integrated in ROS2 release, so there is no debian package available for Movidius NCS installation, need to build from source, more details please referece to

  # build ncsdk
  mkdir ~/code
  cd ~/code
  git clone
  git clone
  cd ~/code/ncsdk
  make install
  ln -sf ~/code/ncappzoo /opt/movidius/ncappzoo

  # build ros2_intel_movidius_ncs
  mkdir ~/ros2_ws/src -p
  cd ~/ros2_ws/src
  git clone
  cd ~/ros2_ws
  source /opt/ros/crystal/setup.bash
  colcon build --symlink-install (Install python3-colcon-common-extensions by apt-get if colcon command not exist)

  # build CNN model (Please plugin NCS device on the host while compiling)
  cd /opt/movidius/ncappzoo/caffe/SSD_MobileNet

  # Copy object label file to NCSDK installation location.
  cp ~/ros2_ws/src/ros2_intel_movidius_ncs/data/labels/* /opt/movidius/ncappzoo/data/ilsvrc12/

Install OA debian packages

  sudo apt-get install ros-crystal-object-analytics-msgs ros-crystal-object-analytics-node ros-crystal-object-analytics-rviz

The object analytics packages installation have been completed. You could jump to Run for executing, you could also install OA from source for more features. Notes: debian installed package does not support 2d tracking feature as the dependent opencv3.3 has no debian available. For full feature, please build opencv3.3 and install object analytics from source.

Install OA from source

Build OpenCV3

  • OpenCV3 & opencv-contrib 3.3 (OA depends on tracking feature from OpenCV Contrib 3.3. OpenCV 3.3 is not integrated in ROS2 Crystal release, need to build and install Opencv3 with contrib from source to apply tracking feature)
  # Build and Install OpenCV3 with opencv-contrib
  mkdir ${HOME}/opencv
  cd ${HOME}/opencv
  git clone -b 3.3.0
  git clone -b 3.3.0
  mkdir opencv/build -p
  cd opencv/build
  cmake -DOPENCV_EXTRA_MODULES_PATH=${HOME}/opencv/opencv_contrib/modules \ 
        -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local -DBUILD_opencv_cnn_3dobj=OFF ..
  make -j8
  sudo make install
  sudo ldconfig

Build ros2_object_analytics

  # get code
  mkdir ~/ros2_ws/src -p
  cd ~/ros2_ws/src
  git clone -b devel (devel branch is the latest code with 2D tracking features, while master branch is stable for ros2 bloom release)

  # Build
  cd ~/ros2_ws
  source /opt/ros/crystal/setup.bash
  colcon build --symlink-install


Configure NCS default.yaml

  source /opt/ros/crystal/setup.bash
  source ~/ros2_ws/install/local_setup.bash
  echo -e "param_file: mobilenetssd.yaml\ninput_topic: /object_analytics/rgb" > `ros2 pkg prefix movidius_ncs_launch`/share/movidius_ncs_launch/config/default.yaml

Start OA Demo

  source /opt/ros/crystal/setup.bash
  source ~/ros2_ws/install/local_setup.bash
  ros2 launch object_analytics_node


Subscribed topics

/object_analytics/detected_objects (object_msgs::msg::ObjectsInBoxes)

Published topics

/object_analytics/rgb (sensor_msgs::msg::Image)

/object_analytics/pointcloud (sensor_msgs::msg::PointCloud2)

/object_analytics/localization (object_analytics_msgs::msg::ObjectsInBoxes3D)

/object_analytics/tracking (object_analytics_msgs::msg::TrackedObjects)

/object_analytics/movement (object_analytics_msgs::msg::MovingObjectsInFrame)

Customize launch

By default, object analytics will launch both tracking and localization features, but either tracking or localization or both can be dropped. Detailed please refer comments embedded in launch file.


To ensure the algorims in OA components to archive best performance in ROS2, we have below tools used to examine design/development performance/accuracy/precision..., more tools are in developing progress and will publish later.

1. tracker_regression

The tools is used to feed tracking node with raw images from datasets within fixed time interval(33ms), also simulate detector send groundtruth as detections to tracking node for rectification, then receive tracking results for precision and recall stastics. It support multiple algorithms(dynamic configure to tracking node when start).

* Tools usages

# ros2 run object_analytics_node tracker_regression --options
       options: [-a algorithm] [-p dataset_path] [-t dataset_type] [-n dataset_name] [-h];
       -h : Print this help function.
       -a algorithm_name : Specify the tracking algorithm in the tracker.
          supported algorithms: KCF,TLD,BOOSTING,MEDIAN_FLOW,MIL,GOTURN.
       -p dataset_path : Specify the tracking datasets location.
       -t dataset_type : Specify the dataset type: video,image.
       -n dataset_name : Specify the dataset name

* Example:

Video dataset with tracking algorithm("MEDIAN_FLOW"):
# ros2 run object_analytics_node tracker_regression -p /your/video/datasets/root/path -t video -n dudek -a MEDIAN_FLOW

Image dataset with default algorithm("MEDIAN_FLOW"):
# ros2 run object_analytics_node tracker_regression -p /your/image/datasets/root/path -t image -n Biker -a MEDIAN_FLOW

* Dataset:

Support both video and image dataset, but you may need to translate into below formats.

Video dataset: (Refer to opencv_extra tracking dataset)

 track_vid/    (/your/video/datasets/root/path)
       ├── david
       │   ├── data
       │   │   └── david.webm
       │   ├── david.yml
       │   ├── gt.txt
       │   └── initOmit
       │       └── david.txt
       ├── dudek
       │   ├── data
       │   │   └── dudek.webm
       │   ├── dudek.yml
       │   ├── gt.txt
       │   └── initOmit
       │       └── dudek.txt
       ├── faceocc2
       │   ├── data
       │   │   └── faceocc2.webm
       │   ├── faceocc2.yml
       │   ├── gt.txt
       │   └── initOmit
       │       └── faceocc2.txt
       ├── list.txt (Note: this is mannually added, list the dataset names which will be used)

Image dataset: (Refer to database from Computer Vision Lab@HYU)

 track_img/    (/your/video/datasets/root/path)
       ├── Biker
       ├── Bird1
       ├── Bird2
       ├── list.txt (Note: this is mannually added, list the dataset names which will be used)
       ├── Man
       ├── Matrix
       └── Woman
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