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Robosense Simulator

URDF description and Gazebo plugins to simulate Robosense laser scanners. Cloned and adapted from velodyne_simulator

Docker Image CI kinetic/melodic

rviz screenshot



  • *origin URDF transform from parent link. * parent URDF parent link name. Default base_link
  • name URDF model name. Also used as tf frame_id for PointCloud2 output. Default robosense * topic PointCloud2 output topic name. Default /rs_points
  • hz Update rate in hz. Default 20 * lasers Number of vertical spinning lasers. Default RS-16: 16 * samples Number of horizontal rotating samples. Default RS-16: 900 * min_range Minimum range value in meters. Default 0.9
  • max_range Maximum range value in meters. Default 130.0 * noise Gausian noise value in meters. Default 0.008
  • min_angle Minimum horizontal angle in radians. Default -3.14 * max_angle Maximum horizontal angle in radians. Default 3.14
  • gpu Use gpu_ray sensor instead of the standard ray sensor. Default false * min_intensity The minimum intensity beneath which returns will be clipped. Can be used to remove low-intensity objects.

Known Issues

Example Gazebo Robot

roslaunch robosense_description example.launch

Example Gazebo Robot (with GPU)

roslaunch robosense_description example.launch gpu:=true


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