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psdk_interfaces 1.3.2
psdk_wrapper 1.3.2



psdk_ros2 is an open-source ROS 2 wrapper that brings DJI's Payload-SDK libraries capabilities into the robotics ecosystem. You can find all the wrapper's documentation at


The psdk_ros2 wrapper currently supports the following features:

  1. Starting and Initializing PSDK Applications: psdk_ros2 allows you to initiate and configure a PSDK application from within ROS 2.
  2. Subscription to DJI Main Topics: You can easily subscribe to the main topics provided by DJI, getting access to essential data and information.
  3. Frequency Control for Topic Subscription: psdk_ros2 offers the capability to set the frequency of topic subscriptions, allowing you to tailor data retrieval as per your requirements.
  4. Copter Position and Velocity Commands: With psdk_ros2, you can conveniently send position and velocity commands to control a copter’s movement.
  5. Camera Parameters Management: psdk_ros2 provides functionalities to retrieve and update the main parameters of a mounted camera, giving you control over the camera settings.
  6. Gimbal Parameters Control: You can manipulate gimbal parameters, adjusting the gimbal’s orientation and behavior.


The current version supports PSDK v3.8.1 and it has been tested and built for ROS 2 Humble. For firmware and product compatibility, please check the page DJI Developer - PSDK.

In terms of hardware used for testing this wrapper, our primary testing platform has been the DJI M300 RTK drone, to which an external board has been connected via the OSDK expansion module. As for the payloads, H20 and H20T cameras have been tested.

Please notice that this wrapper is still a work in progress. While we aim to make it as generic as possible, compatibility with different setups may require code modifications and testing to ensure proper functionality. Before deploying this wrapper with alternative hardware or configurations, we recommend thoroughly reviewing and understanding the codebase, configuration files, and documentation.


psdk_ros2 wrapper is under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. \ Please note that the DJI Payload-SDK libraries which are needed to run this wrapper use MIT License.


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