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pal_vision_segmentation 1.0.0



Software package providing segmentation nodes based on various techniques. Masked image or mask is provided, and can be tuned via dynamic_reconfigure. More information can be found in

Segmentation based on color histogram

Hereafter an example based on images recorded in a rosbag is presented.

Play the rosbag

Play the rosbag provided as example in pal_vision_segmentation:

rosbag play `rospack find pal_vision_segmentation`/etc/pringles.bag --loop

which publishes images of a pringles pot:

Object template

In order to segment the pringles pot based on its color an image template like the following one is required:

histogram_segmentation node

Launch the 'histogram_segmentation' node as follows so that the appropriate object template is used:

rosrun pal_vision_segmentation histogram_segmentation `rospack find pal_vision_segmentation`/etc/pringles_template.png image:=/stereo/left/image _dilate_iterations:=5 _erode_iterations:=1    

Visualize the segmentation mask

rosrun image_view image_view image:=/histogram_segmentation/mask

Visualize the segmented image:

rosrun image_view image_view image:=/histogram_segmentation/image_masked


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