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odri_master_board_sdk 1.0.6



Hardware and Firmware of the Solo Quadruped Master Board.

This board centralises all the sensor and actuator data and provides wired and wireless connection to a realtime computer.


  • SPI: Address up to 8 SPI Slave: (max 80Mhz, DMA capable) compatible with BLMC ┬ÁDriver SPI interface
  • Wifi: Wireless communication with a computer via raw ESP-NOW: round trip time of 1.2ms (including driver and OS latency) for a 127bytes message.
  • Ethernet: Wired communication with a computer via raw frames: round trip time of 0.2ms (including driver and OS latency) for a 127bytes message.
  • GPIO: 4GPIO free. Can be mapped to I2C, UART etc.. Two of them are curently used for IMU communication via UART
  • UART: Used to upgrade the ESP32 firmware, free on normal operation.

The board is programed via the ESP-IDF tool chain https://github.com/espressif/esp-idf

Wireless closed loop control at 1kHz demo (click to see video): Alt text

IMU, ethernet closed loop cntrol at 1kHz demo (click to see video): Alt text

LED status

Red fade: Waiting for init
Magenta fade: SPI Autodetect
Blue fade: waiting for first commmand
Green fade: Active control
Yellow blink: ethernet link down state awaiting for link up
Red blink: error state (communication with PC), awaiting for new init msg
White blink: state machine error (should never happen)


Here are some helpful links to the documentation :

How to Flash the Master Board (install esp-idf and flash the firmware)

SDK : How to Prepare Your Interface and Run the Example

Master Board State Machine Description

Description of the Communication Between the Master Board and the Computer

Description of the BLMC ┬ÁDriver SPI Interface

Wiring the Master Board

Master Board Ordering and Preparation


Thomas Flayols
Etienne Arlaud


BSD 2-Clause License

Copyright (c) 2019, LAAS-CNRS, Max Planck Gesellschaft, New York University

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