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Name Version
leo_gz_bringup 1.0.0
leo_gz_plugins 1.0.0
leo_gz_worlds 1.0.0
leo_simulator 1.0.0



Packages to simulate Leo Rover in ROS 2. * leo_simulator - Metapackage for this repository. * leo_gz_bringup - Launch files for starting simulation and adding Leo Rover inside a simulated world. * leo_gz_plugins - Gazebo plugins for simulated Leo Rover * leo_gz_worlds - Custom simulation worlds

Building the simulation

  1. Setup a colcon workspace
  2. Install ros_gz package (Gazebo Fortress or Garden)
  3. Clone leo_common-ros2 repository into the workspace:
   cd your_workspace_name/src
   git clone

  1. Clone this repository into the workspace:
   git clone

  1. If using Gazebo Garden (skip this step if using Fortress):
   export GZ_VERSION=garden

  1. Install dependencies using rosdep:
   cd ..
   sudo rosdep init
   rosdep update
   rosdep install --from-paths src -y --ignore-src

  1. Build the project and source the workspace:
   colcon build --symlink-install
   source install/setup.bash

Run Simulation

Run a simulation world with leo rover:

   ros2 launch leo_gz_bringup

Launch agruments: * sim_world: Path to the Gazebo world file * robot_ns: Robot namespace


   ros2 launch leo_gz_bringup sim_world:=~/colcon_ws/src/leo_simulator-ros2/leo_gz_worlds/worlds/marsyard2021.sdf robot_ns:=your_namespace

Add another leo rover to an already running gazebo world:

   ros2 launch leo_gz_bringup robot_ns:=your_namespace


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