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hrpsys 315.2.7




This repository is deprecated!! Please see hrpsys-base!!


Introduction Build Status

An OpenRTM-aist-based robot controller. This package is the most tailored for humanoid (dual-arm and/or biped) robots for historical reason.

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For developers

How to release new version

As a 3rd party package to ROS we need some extra chores to release. Discussed here. NOTE for 2 different repositories are involved:


  1. Send a pull request to fkanehiro/hrpsys-base to update a tag in CMakeLists.txt. Example. This way community will decide if we're ready for the next release.
  2. Update start-jsk/hrpsys/Makefile.hrpsys-base BEFORE the subsequent steps (otherwise the automation script below won't produce a valid result). Example2.
  3. Update start-jsk/hrpsys/CHANGELOG.rst by the following steps.

3-1. Use this script [generate_changelog_upstream_] to copy commit messages from upstream fkanehiro/hrpsys-base. A file should be created under /tmp.

3-2. Summarize commit messages into user-meaningful content (discussion).

3-3. To include updates in ROS repository (start-jsk/hrpsys), add change logs into the one created in 3-2 by following.

 3-3-1. Generate changelog by a command from `catkin`:


   $ roscd hrpsys
   $ catkin_generate_changelog

 3-3-2. Open a generated/updated `CHANGELOG.rst` file. Then manually merge with the artifact from 3-1.
  1. After here follow the normal release manner: Send pull requests for the change above (step 2 and 3). Update tags and package.xml by using catkin_prepare_release.

Notice that we're sending pull requests to two different repositories; one is the source upstream repository that isn't ROS-dependent, another repository is used to release a DEB using ROS infrastructure.

.. _generate_changelog_upstream:

Generate changelog from the upstream

hrpsys consists of resources from two repositories as noted in package.xml. Particularly we need to generate changelog from the upstream repository, which is not covered by a convenient tool in ROS called catkin_generate_changelog (that only takes care of the catkin packages, like start-jsk/hrpsys (where you are now)). For that purpose our custom script helps you. To use it:

  1. Clone this repository into your catkin workspace if you haven't done so:
  $ cd %CATKIN_WORKSPACE% && cd src
  $ git clone

  1. Run catkin_make.
  $ catkin_make     (this takes minutes depending on your machine power and internet connection)
  $ source devel/setup.bash

  1. Run the command
  $ rosrun hrpsys

Documentation of RTCs and examples

Documentation of RTCs and examples


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