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:warning: This project is not maintained!

This is a ROS package of a Fanuc R1000iA 80f with a grinding end effector and a 3D sensor mounted on the end effector. This package aims to allow to automatically grind mechanical defects of parts given their CAD model.

fanuc_grinding app

Fanuc grinding Youtube video Click the image for a video

The documentation folder contains explanations about how this package works.

Directories in the project

Directory Description
alignment Description/implementation of the alignment service
comparison Description/implementation of the comparison service
documentation Contains explication about this package usage
fanuc_grinding Contains the meta-package files
path_planning Description/implementation of the path planning service. This makes use of the bezier package
post_processor Description/implementation of the post processor service to create a Fanuc TP program. This makes use of the fanuc_post_processor package
publish_meshfile Description/implementation of a service that publishes meshes/point clouds on markers
rviz_plugin Contains the definition and implementation of the grinding RViz plugin
scanning Description/implementation of the scanning service, the RViz plugin also allows to load a mesh/point cloud.


This package has been tested with Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS Kinetic. The package was designed to be used with a Fanuc R1000iA-80f robot, however it should be easy to port it on other ROS compatible robots.


Install the dependencies by cloning the repositories into your catkin workspace.

cd to your catkin workspace source directory:

git clone &&\
cd .. &&\
catkin build



roslaunch fanuc_grinding_rviz_plugin r1000ia_sls_2.launch

Load a scan from the drive to skip the scanning part.

Real hardware:

roslaunch fanuc_grinding_rviz_plugin r1000ia_sls_2.launch \
sim:=false \

Make sure to test the David SLS-2 configuration before testing with this application.


It is here.


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