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teraranger_description 1.1.0



ROS package for URDF description of TeraRanger products by Terabee

This package is a collection of URDF files of teraranger products: * TeraRanger Tower * TeraRanger Tower Evo

It is required for using these packages: * teraranger_array_converter

Building and running the package from source

To clone and build the package in your workspace follow these steps:

  • If you have ssh key setup for your github account:
cd ~/ros_ws/src
git clone git@github.com:Terabee/teraranger_description.git
cd ~/ros_ws
source devel/setup.bash

  • If you prefer to use https use this set of commands:
cd ~/ros_ws/src
git clone https://github.com/Terabee/teraranger_description.git
cd ~/ros_ws
source devel/setup.bash

Using teraranger_description

To add easily a tower to your robot description, first include the xacro (xml macro) file :

<xacro:include filename="$(find teraranger_description)/urdf/teraranger_tower.urdf.xacro"/>

Then you will be able to call the xacro from your main URDF file:

<teraranger_tower multi_hub="false" hub_id="0" parent="base_link" x="0.000" y="0.000" z="0.500" roll="0.0" pitch="0.0" yaw="0.0" />

If you want a custom setup, just include the base_hub and teraranger_one xacro files and build your own setup:

<xacro:include filename="$(find teraranger_description)/urdf/base_hub.urdf.xacro"/>
<xacro:include filename="$(find teraranger_description)/urdf/teraranger_one.urdf.xacro"/>

Custom setup example (1 TeraRanger Hub + 1 TeraRanger One sensor):

<base_hub multi_hub="0" hub_id="0" parent="base_link" x="0.060" y="0.000" z="0.000" roll="0.0" pitch="0.0" yaw="0.0"/>
<teraranger_one multi_hub="0" hub_id="0" id="0" x="0.060" y="0.000" z="0.000" roll="0.0" pitch="0.0" yaw="0.0" gaussian_noise="0.06"/>

INFOS: By settings the multihub parameter to true or 1 you will enable auto-namespacing of the frame_id with the following convention: * sensor frame = hub_${hub_id}_base_range_${id} * hub frame = base_hub_${hub_id}

_To enable compatibility, The ROS driver for the tower (from the teraranger_array package) will append its namespace to the frame_id inside the RangeArray and Range messages, thus it is strongly recommended to use hub_${hub_id} as node namespace for the driver._